Powerlifter Chris Duffin Becomes The First Person To Squat And Deadlift Over 1,000 Pounds For Reps | Men's Health Magazine Australia

This Powerlifter Becomes The First Person To Squat And Deadlift Over 1,000 Pounds For Reps

Accompanied by four spotters at Kabuki Strength Lab in Clackamas, Oregon, Duffin completed three reps of 1001 pounds. 

Although the lift wasn’t officially recorded, Duffin broke down in tears after the third rep, knowing he had achieved the feat. According to BarBendhe is likely the first person ever to both squat and deadlift over 1000 pounds. 

Originally, he had planned to attempt the lift at an IHRSA event in San Diego over the weekend – the meet was cancelled because of the widespread pandemic the world is currently facing. 

But that didn’t stop him from completing his goal four years after sumo deadlifting 1000 pounds for two reps. 

“1001 x 3 squat today. Despite all the uncertainty in the world and our lives right now, I set out on a clear and defined path 4 years ago. A path to do something epic, to inspire, and to raise money and build awareness for causes I believe in. It was a major battle for me in the last year to pull off the last portion of this goal,” he wrote in part of his Instagram caption.

Duffin acknowledged the lift wasn’t “official” but that didn’t stop him from celebrating. 

“Words can’t accurately convey how challenging this training was mentally, physically, or emotionally…but I can say I’m proud to have finished things on my own terms. Yeah, it’s not recorded in any record books anywhere, but I don’t give a rat’s ass… my goal was to be the first person to deadlift and squat 1000+lbs for reps. I did it, and no one can take that away. DONE,” he wrote.

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