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Decode The Psychology Of Oral Sex To Get What You Want In The Bedroom

Social lore dictates that, while women tend to be willing to give oral sex, men are a tad more reticent.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research, however, has found that men are quite happy to do it – it’s women who don’t want to receive it.

According to study author Karen Blair, women are reluctant to ask for oral sex “because they’re not overly keen on reciprocating the act”.

But before we scapegoat women for the general lack of oral sex, the study also suggested that men are only willing to initiate oral sex in the hope that it will be reciprocated.

All of which leaves us in something of a vicious circle: men want to receive oral sex and are willing to do anything to get it; women don’t want to give oral sex and are willing to forgo anything to avoid it.

But before we all resign ourselves to a night of discontent, consider this: Blair suggests women may already be reciprocating by simply having penetrative sex in the first place.

“The only group consistently reporting great enjoyment and satisfaction from orgasms associated with vaginal penetration is heterosexual men,” she said.

“This suggests women are already ‘reciprocating’ with the most enjoyable orgasm for their male partner when they engage in vaginal penetration, and that for them to also experience their most satisfying orgasm, the reciprocation from their male partner should likely be performing oral sex.”

Confused? Follow this guide to going down on her – and don’t demand anything in return.

If she does decide to repay the favour, voice your appreciation. Loudly. Women, it seems, love positive reinforcement.

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