How The Bench Press Record Holder Julius Maddox Trains At Home In Isolation | Men's Health Magazine Australia

How The Bench Press Record Holder Trains In Quarantine

Taking to his YouTube channel, Maddox shared a minimal routine that can help you get in powerlifting shape. Using just a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, a weighted sandbag…and a car, he put volunteers through their paces to show just how easy it is to get innovative. 

The car push is assisted with a driver in the front seat. However, we still wouldn’t recommend trying it at home – moving an SUV with the engine running is an accident waiting to happen. 

If you don’t have a full set of weights available, get creative with what you’ve got: in Maddox’ case, he turns a set of bar, bands and kettlebells into a barbell for bent-over rows. 

“This is not just a lifestyle, this is a life change, this is something we can have daily, or at least multiple times a week, we are working out,” he says. 

His next two exercises are standard bodyweight movements: jump squats and pushups before he picks up the weights again. Using just kettlebells and bands, he demonstrates cable curls. 

To round it all out, he leads a “giant set” – a finisher consisting of lateral raises, flys, and front raises.  

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