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How To Make A Restaurant Quality Steak At Home

Nichole Dailey, Chef De Cuisine at Traeger Grill headquarters, is here to walk you through the process, breaking down the method most experienced cooks use to get that high-end quality result. 

Firstly, temperature is everything. And that means investing in a digital thermometer with a thin probe. It’s not just the heat coming from the barbie that ensures you cook it to perfection, internal temperature is equally crucial. 

When you’re trying to nail that level of readiness, whether it’s rare or well done, there are several key measurements to look out. Dailey has done the hard yards for us, devising a table that perfectly sums up the requirements of each steak doneness. 

Steak Doneness

Internal Temperature

Grill Time at 205 °C

 (Mins. Per Side)

Centre Colour





Medium Rare

55-57 °C






Some Pink




Sliver of Light Pink

Well Done



Mostly Brown

What Have You Done?

75 °C +


Brown Throughout

Apart from the cooking process, there are a few other factors to consider. 

“Always purchase high-quality meat. The quality determines the texture, tenderness, and how flavourful the steak will taste,” Dailey says.  

When choosing a piece, the thicker the steak, the easier it is too cook, and will likely taste better. Try and visit your butcher – a 2″ thick cut steak is ideal. Most supermarkets are cut at half to 1″ which won’t offer the same quality despite being quicker to cook.

“Pre-heat your grill and make sure the temperature is set to its highest temperature (200-260°C). Grilling steak can be a quick and easy process. Also, thick cut steak has more forgiveness with cook time and tenderness,” Dailey adds. 

And lastly, enjoy!

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