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69 Ways To Say You’re Having Sex

So you’ve had a great night, you’ve scored and now all your mates want to hear the details. But dishing the dirt can be a little awkward – some even find it a little uncomfortable mentioning the ‘S’ word. So here are 69 other ways to say you’ve just had sex. 

  1. Romp romp in the stomp stomp
  2. horizontal jogging
  3. Playing chess
  4. Sliming the banana
  5. Slamming the clam
  6. Rolling the hay
  7. Pounding the punani pavement
  8. Praying with the knees upwards
  9. Going balls-deep
  10. Funny business
  11. Filling her out like an applications
  12. Disappointing the wife
  13. Dipping the crane in the oil well
  14. Root
  15. Ron Coote
  16. Ford Falcon Ute
  17. Make love
  18. Horizontal refreshment
  19. Pierce the hogshead
  20. A roll in the hay
  21. Do the deed
  22. Put the key in the ignition hole
  23. Ride below the crupper
  24. Fornicate
  25. Coitus
  26. Screwing
  27. Shucking the oyster
  28. Bringing an al dente noodle to the spaghetti house 
  29. Speaking the bearded clam
  30. Doinking
  31. Entering the castle
  32. Engraving the cave
  33. Threading the needle
  34. Doing the upside down Macarena
  35. Riding the bone train
  36. Shag
  37. Bedroom rodeo
  38. Shaking off the sheets
  39. Get down and dirty
  40. Make the beast with two backs
  41. Wetting the willy
  42. Getting your jollies off
  43. Knocking boots
  44. Two-ball in the middle pocket
  45. Taking the hot dog bus to taco town
  46. Banana in a fruit salad
  47. Haul someone’s ashes
  48. Wind somebody’s little ball of yarn
  49. Hanky panky
  50. Marital congress
  51. Bumping barrels
  52. Passing the gravy
  53. Parting the pink sea
  54. Paddling up Coochie Creek
  55. Roasting the broomstick
  56. Going in the nappy dugout
  57. The old in-out in-out
  58. Playing hide the salami
  59. Basting the turkey
  60. Shake hands with a very dear friend
  61. Playing with the box the kids came in
  62. Going 20 toes
  63. The horizontal Lambada
  64. Bumping uglies
  65. Doing the nasty in the pasty
  66. Riding the baloney pony
  67. Smooshing booties
  68. Going heels to Jesus
  69. Mummy and daddy cuddles

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