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An Aussie Man’s Guide To Super Bowl LIV

As an Aussie, you’ll probably only ever hear about one NFL game per year, and that game happens to be this Monday; the Super Bowl. Now in it’s 54th year, the game that stops the world (allegedly) has become a sporting calendar favourite… and not just for the half time act and quality ads.

But what is the Super Bowl? How does American Football work? What’s the big deal? As a nation raised on AFL and cricket, these are all great questions, so before you tune in and jump on the band wagon, clue-in so you have some quality banter to add during the half-time act…

What is the Super Bowl?

When the NFL season wraps in the US, eight of the top teams battle each other out in a knockout round. Two teams remain, and these teams then battle it out in the spectacle that has become the Super Bowl. This year’s battle of the NFL titans will take place in Miami, Florida.

Who’s should I go for?

This year the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off against the San Fransisco 49ers.

The Chiefs are coming off a run of seven wins while the 49ers have managed just four on-the-trot. Meanwhile, when it comes to Super Bowl wins, the 49ers have five to their name, their last victory coming in 1994. The Big Dance, however, is unfamiliar territory for the Chiefs: they’ve only come up trumps once before, way back in 1969. 

Who doesn’t like an underdog story?

Where can I watch Super Bowl LIV?

If you’re in Australia, you can catch SuperBowl LIV for free on Channel 7, Kayo Sport or Foxtel on Channel 509. Kick off is at 10:30am AEST on Monday February 3rd, so open that incognito tab at work and get streaming on the sly.

What are the Rules?

Look, we’re going to sum it up as simply as we can, but if in doubt, check out Men’s Health UK who got a first hand training session.

A game of American Football is contested between 22 players on a field at one time – 11 each side – and goes for 60 minutes… that’s only the actual playing time though. With breaks a game can go for hours, or 4 hours in the case of the Super Bowl (it’s a game built around TV advertising after all).

Points are scored by players carrying or catching the ball in the ‘end zone’ behind their opponent’s line of defence, called a ‘touchdown’, and worth 6 points.

The team in possession of the ball gets 4 set plays, called ‘downs’, to move the ball forward by 10 yards. If these 10 yards are made, the team in possession gets another 4 downs, however failure to make up the 10 yards results in a turnover.

But who’s playing at half time?

If you’re only on board for the hyped up musical performance that is the half time show, then you’re part of the majority (although as a true sports fan, we recommend sticking around for the entire game). This year’s most-viewed musical event will be co-headlined by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Catch Super Bowl LIII for free on Channel 7, Kayo Sport or Foxtel on Channel 509.

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