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The Body Parts Women Are Actually Interested In

Ever wondered what she is checking out on you? 

A study by London company Think Eye Tracking followed the eye movements of people looking at a photo of a bathing-suit-clad man. While men spent a considerable amount of time glancing at the guy’s you-know-what, women spent almost no time looking there. Instead, they were primarily focused on his abs, and then they zeroed in on his face, shoulders, and biceps. (Check out a rendition of the research below.)

She’s wired to ogle different parts of you, explains Dr Wendy Walsh, a sex and relationship expert and author of The 30-Day Love Detox. Women evolved to look for a provider and protector, and your penis has nothing to do with that. “Think about our cavewoman brains,” Walsh says. “We want to know, Can this guy climb a tree and pick fruit for me? Can this guy slay a wooly mammoth for me?”

She’s into your abs, shoulders, and arms because those are the muscles your ancestors used to protect, provide for, and care for a woman. And although we’re no longer hunting mammoths or fighting off predators with clubs, females are still wired to be attracted to those abilities in the opposite sex. In fact, a 2011 Chinese study found that women placed a high amount of value on a potential mate’s ability to acquire resources. Hence the reason she’s searching for a six-pack.

As for your face, women look at it to garner clues of intelligence and kindness, says Walsh. You may be able to get resources for her, but will you devote them to her? A smile can go a long way.

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