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This Is What A Day’s Worth Of Training Looks Like For Australia’s Fittest Man

It takes a lot of discipline to become Australia’s fittest man. Owning the title is a full-time job in itself. So you might be curious as to what a week’s worth of training looks like for the bloke in question. 

Under Armour ambassador James Newbury has a body matched by very few so it’s no surprise how much time he spends in the gym. The 28-year-old trains up to 12 times a week to be at the top of his game but despite being a CrossFit legend, he doesn’t neglect other forms of training either.

“I train between 11-12 sessions per week of physical exercise with recovery sessions added on top like sauna, floatation, massage, NormaTec, compex sessions,” says the Adelaide local. 

“I make sure I work out as a priority. I’ll make the time either before or after regardless of time. 

“Currently my biggest focus is strength so six out of ten sessions are weightlifting orientated but there is always conditioning in each session.” 

You might expect full-time athletes to be shifting tin, getting their heart rate up or working up a sweat most hours of the day, but Newbury takes his recovery equally as serious as his training.

“My rest day at the moment is Monday and my active recovery day is Thursday,” continues Newbury. “(But) I do get in extra recovery during my training days too.

“If you are feeling really under the weather I like to focus on the things that can help boost my immune system like sunlight, earthing, breathing and sauna and making sure sleep/wake routines are met. Keeping hydration and nutrition on point too is key.

“I’m currently traveling quite a lot so finding cool gyms to train in are key. I always plan ahead and if the hotel has a gym I get creative with my program. I also really love visiting new places so it makes it really fun.”

This is what a day’s worth of training typically looks like for Newbury:

Session 1

Warm Up

Every minute on the minute (EMOM) 13 minutes

odd – Ski 30 seconds, increasing intensity

even – 8 wallballs @ 15kg, throw high


Bench Press 

(cluster sets)

5 x 4 @80-85% 1RM

Perform 2 reps, re-rack, rest a bit but keep your hands on the bar then finish off set of 4

4 minutes rest between each set

Back squat, pause 3 seconds at the bottom

5×4  85% 1RM


5 sets:

6 False grip ring rows, feet elevated on a platform

12 pronated grip (pulling wide) ring rows, feet elevated

Session 2


Power snatch, onto plates (technical)

6 x 2 power +1 squat

Snatch balance

5 x 3 @ 65-75% 1RM

Metcon (metabolic conditioning) / gymnastics

3 rounds:

150 double unders

15 ring muscle ups

Odd object (strong man workout)

4 rounds:

10 heavy sandbag ground to shoulder

100 steps bear hug sandbag carry

100 steps Hand stand walk

Amrap (as many reps as possible)

Sled push @ heavy weight with a break every 20 seconds for 10 seconds


5 x 25 ghd (glute and hamstring development) situps

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