MH Tech Review: Logitech MX Sound | Men's Health Magazine Australia

MH Tech Review: Logitech MX Sound | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

The MX Sound speakers are one of the latest audio products to come out of Logitech and this reviewer would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited to get his hands on some more Logitech audio gear. Logitech have already established themselves as leaders in the bluetooth speaker market with their well-known “Ultimate Ears Boom” series of speakers. The Mx Sound, however, are marketed as a ‘premium bluetooth speaker’ and tailored more towards home environments and desktop users than the portable party devices Logitech are so well known for. The MX Sound hits the market as an affordable and versatile setup that packs more punch than we’ve come to expect from Bluetooth speakers.

Quick Specs:

The MX Sound is a dual speaker setup that boasts a versatile Bluetooth 4.1 connection system, 3.5mm cable input and peak output of 24W (12W RMS). To please any design geeks Logitech have kitted the MX Sound with a motion sensitive back-lit touch panel to control volume and Bluetooth connectivity.


Business as usual unboxing a Logitech product. Minimal packaging and paperwork means you can rip this one right of the box and start setting it up. The setup is also a breeze. If you’re connecting by cable it’s as simple as plug and play. If you want to connect by Bluetooth it merely requires holding the Bluetooth button and then pairing from your device.

The speakers are powered by a standard 240v wall plug.


As Bluetooth speakers have come roaring into popularity in recent years it really kills a product when they don’t manage well. The Mx Sound, though, have gone above and beyond. Seamlessly switching between PC or Bluetooth connections the speakers provide a great in room experience as you move between devices. What’s more, the Bluetooth connection is ready to handle multiple Bluetooth devices at once, something earlier Logitech Bluetooth models have sometimes struggled with.


This is it, the most important part of audio tech review. Unboxing the Mx Sound, and aware of their designation as “premium Bluetooth speakers” I was unsure of what to expect. The dual speaker setup, 24w peak output and rear facing tubes is a performer, however, and punches well above its weight (and price!).

Great fidelity and a far heavier and stronger bass range than your average Bluetooth speakers are standout features of the MX Sound. More than that, the spatial sound two speakers were able to generate was great. Recently I’ve been playing a great deal of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (check it out on Steam) and an important element of the gameplay is hearing directional sound. Typically, headsets have a huge advantage as they’re up close to your ears and positioned on one ear each. Accordingly, it takes 5 speakers in a room to return the same effect. In spite of that, the MX Sound did a far better job than I’d hoped.


Personally, I don’t care too much what my speakers look like as long as they sound great so I wasn’t too perturbed by the MX Sounds lack of beauty. They’re by no means ugly, but they don’t have the same stylish impact as many other speakers on the market. With that said, they do fit into a desk environment nicely and perhaps it is exactly this unassuming appearance the designers had in mind. The large soft grey panels of the speaker fronts do not stand out shine or provide any othjer kind of distraction. As well, the motion detecting backlit interface means when not being touched the speakers go dark and you have no lights flickering away.

The Pros

The Logitech MX is unassuming in it’s appearance and the reactive backlight display blends seamlessly into a desk space. Given it’s price, the speakers deliver big sound and great fidelity. The powerful and flexible bluetooth connectivity means low fuss switching between devices.

The Cons

The only real down side of the speaker is that it’s not overly portable.  However, if that’s the speaker you’re after, you might want to look at a different range of product. While they might be able to manage a small gathering, you’d be hard pressed to provide entertainment for a much larger crowd. 

The round-up

Overall, The Mx Sound is a polished little sound system that performs well everywhere you would expect it too. It’s only drawback is that it is a simple setup, but if you really want all the bells and whistles, you’d be better off spending more money anyway!

Thumbs Up

  • Great sound range at budget.
  • Awesome bass for an affordable Bluetooth setup.
  • Switching between connected devices is Breezy

Thumbs Down

  • Not portable and requires a plug (though they were always marketed as desktop speakers).
  • Minimal design means they don’t boast a long list of features.

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