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6 Ways to Make Doggy Style More Romantic

For many women, doggy style generates a mixed bag of emotions. It’s one of the most amazing sex positions for G-spot stimulation – AND it has a great view. But it’s also easy for your partner to feel disconnected.

The next time you get your freak on, try these six easy tweaks to make this animalistic position a little more lovey dovey.

1\ Take A Stand

Get up close and personal by doing doggy upright on your knees, says Dr Carlen Costa, sexologist and relationship psychotherapist. Get her to lean against the wall or your headboard, instead of getting on all fours, and press into you as you sway in sync with each other. 

2\ Give Each Other A Hand

Take turns getting handsy, says certified sex therapist Dr Kat Van Kirk. “Your efforts to help her orgasm, via clitoral or anal stimulation, build intimacy,” she says. Get her to return the favour by giving you a reach around and tickling or massaging your testicles and perineum, she says. It’s like Twister, only dirty.

3\ Hold On Tight

Lying flat on her stomach with you on top works great for rear-entry—and boosts your bond while you get it on, says Dr Carol Queen, staff sexologist for Good Vibrations. From this position, you can wrap your arms around her for those cozy feels.

4\ Bust Out The Oils

Either prop her hips under a mountain of pillows or get her to stand on the floor and lean over the bed. Then rub coconut oil on her back, says Costa. “This way, you can experience the closeness of touch and execute the position,” she says. Note to self: Find more ways to incorporate back rubs into all sex positions.

5\ Mirror, Mirror

One of the biggest drawbacks of doggy style is the lack of eye contact, so having sex in front of (or beside) a mirror is pretty much the best of both worlds, says Van Kirk. You both get the visual stimulation of getting down and dirty, while enjoying the emotional connection of intense eye contact. Win/win.

6\ Get Her In On The Action

Who says guys have to control all the thrusting? Get your girl to be a boss in the bedroom by calling the shots on the depth and speed of your doggy style rendezvous. “Hooking her legs back around you while you lean into her can give her more control of the action,” says Van Kirk. “That makes her feel more engaged while increasing body-to-body contact.”

A version of this article was originally published on WomensHealthMag.com

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