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90’s Kids Rejoice, Your Favourite Old-School Brand Is Back

If you were a kid growing up in 1990’s Australia, then you would have no doubt had at least 5 of your favourite t-shirts on high rotation, all with quirky Mambo designs sprawled across them.

Mambo shirts ruled the pre-pubescent fashion scene in a time when tec-decks filled our pencil cases, contact covered our books, and we were busy carving the Stussy symbol into the school desk. 

Fast forward to the 2010’s, where nostalgia now reigns supreme, and the iconic surf brand is making a comeback, heading for an underwear draw near you. In a collaboration with another uniquely Aussie brand, MOJO, the designs will help you recapture the fresh, colourful and mildly offensive look of your youth, in a much more discreet way.

‘The collaboration felt like the perfect fit. At the heart of it, MAMBO is a brand we recognise as being truly Australian. They like to push boundaries and have a laugh,’ said MOJO Founder, Adam Rakowski, of the new range.

 And although being laughed at in your undies might not sound ideal, the range is worth copping. Name the ‘Audacious Australiana’ capsule, the dacks honour Australia’s cultural icons in the brand’s trade mark style including: Pandanus Dingo, Dingo Crawl, Angry Banskia, Cattle Dog, Kangaroo Paw, Boards and Flames, Hot Rod Dingo, Sandman, Have a Crack, Mambo Optimism and Coats of Arms.

The creative design injection adds a fun flavor to the high-performance underwear already engineered by MOJO, built for guys who live an active lifestyle.

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