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Marathon Man Nedd Brockmann Is Running 3800km Across Australia

The 23-year-old is gearing up for his biggest challenge yet: a world-record run that will see him run just shy of 100km every day, for some 43 days.

If the name Nedd Brockmann isn’t familiar just yet, the mullet certainly would be. For Sydney-siders based around the city’s iconic beaches, it’s likely you’ve seen it blowing gloriously in the wind, courtesy of Brockmann’s foot speed. For most though, Brockmann’s endeavours in the world of ultra-running have become well known not simply because of his infectious energy and enthusiasm, but because of the important causes for which he runs. 

Hailing from the country town of Forbes in the Central West of NSW, Brockmann moved to Sydney to become a sparky and was left stunned by the amount of homelessness he saw on the streets of the city. Driven by a keen sense of community and social responsibility, Brockmann set out to run 50 marathons in 50 days to raise $50,000 for homelessness in Sydney, all while still working full-time as a sparky and the required hours of seven until three. 

It was an incredible feat that inspired countless others to lace up and join Ned along Sydney’s streets, beaches and parks, while simultaneously enacting positive change in the community. Now, Brockmann is setting his sights on an even bigger challenge: to run across Australia from Cottesloe Beach to Bondi in an effort to raise close to $1 million for another charity. 

Titled Ned’s Record Run, he’s looking to set a new fastest time in the process, which will require the 23-year-old to run just shy of 100km every day, or the equivalent of two marathons, for a total of 3800km. Currently, the previous record recognised by the Guinness World Records is 62 days, with the fastest record run being 45 days. If we’ve come to learn anything about Brockmann, it’s that you can never bet against him. Where there is a will, there is a way and few people have as strong a mindset as this young bloke. 

Though Brockmann is certainly looking to test himself and see what his body is capable of, he’s also looking to raise money for charity and will partner with homelessness charity We Are Mobilise to raise $1 million by the time he hits the sands of Bondi. The run will begin on the 1st of September, with Brockmann hoping to make it home by October 13th. 

It’s an epic challenge and one that will raise the profile of charities like We Are Mobilise, which continue to do incredible work in the community but desperately need more support and funding. What Brockmann hopes to achieve (and will, no doubt) will make for an inspiring occasion that is worth supporting. Right now, Brockmann is looking for donations as well as companies and corporations that can get onboard and support his event, whether that be by donating food, supplies, vehicles or anything else that might help him and his crew make their way from Perth to Sydney. 

To find out more and to get involved, visit the official website here. Let’s go, Nedd! 

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