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Mykhailo Mudryk Reveals Workout That Build’s Explosive Speed

English Football Club Chelsea’s new star Mykhailo Mudryk recorded the highest speed this Premier League season on his debut. Now the lower-body workout he uses to develop his rapid pace has been revealed.

Earlier this month 22-year-old Ukrainian forward Mykhailo Mudryk became one of the most expensive signings in English Premier League history. With a hefty price tag totalling $158 million AUD, expectations of Mudryk have been sky-high. But the Ukrainian has already impressed in early outings for Chelsea and has endeared himself to fans with his dedicated work ethic.

Mudryk made his debut for Chelsea in a 0-0 draw against rivals Liverpool. Despite only spending 35 minutes on the pitch, the 22-year-old tore up defenders, nearly broke the deadlock with a goal and quickly became the Premier League’s fastest player this season. The 22-year-old reached a scintillating speed of 36.63 km/h, a cut above Premier League stars Darwin Nunez and Erling Haaland, who have the third and fourth highest speeds this season.

Mudryk has been unable to play regular football since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of last year. The war resulted in the suspension of the 2021-22 season of the Ukrainian Premier Liga and difficult conditions once play resumed. When he has played, Mudryk shown why he commanded such a hefty transfer fee. The 22-year bagged ten goals and eight assists in just 18 games for Shakhtar Donetsk this season before making the move to England.

Chelsea’s willingness to fork out a massive transfer fee to acquire Mudryk has been a boon for Ukrainian football and for the nation itself. Mudryk’s transfer fee was the highest ever for a Ukrainian player. And The President of Shakhtar Donetsk, Mudryk’s former club, donated over 20% of the fee to the Ukrainian war effort. Symbolic of his home nation’s importance to him, Mudryk paraded around Chelsea’s home stadium draped in a Ukrainian flag at the club’s announcement of his acquisition.

Just as he’s taking the footballing world by storm, the workout Mudryk uses to build his explosive speed has been revealed. The 22-year-old’s trainer shared footage of Mudryk performing a series of lower body exercises on his Instagram story. The gruelling set of exercises form a complete lower-body workout that targets the quads, calves and glutes as well as strengthening the core and boosting endurance.

Should any other footballers or aspiring athletes want to replicate Mudryk’s blistering pace, copying the star’s workout would be a good place to start. The challenging routine has a direct focus on building speed. As well as improving explosiveness and power through the legs. Which are essential for any athlete looking to work on their quickness.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are crucial for building up strength in the powerhouse muscle that is your glutes. Strong glutes carry over into better sports performance in more ways than one. Increased power in the legs translates to enhanced speed and quickness – and it’s obviously paying off for the rapid Mudryk.

To perform a hip thrust, sit with your back against the edge of a bench. Position a barbell on the crease where your stomach meets your hips. With legs bent at the knees, drive your feet down, push your back into the bench and thrust upwards to lift the barbell to full extension.

Jump Squats

In the videos shared to social media, Mudryk can be seen performing jump squats in a peculiar seated variation. This exercise is designed to build explosive power and athleticism. The ultimate goal here is to increase jumping ability and breakaway speed. If you can move like that with so much weight on your shoulders, reaching new heights on the sporting field will be a breeze.

Jump squats burn calories faster than regular squats and are more efficient in building strength. A jump squat is similar to a regular squat. Except that when you reach the lowest point of the rep, instead of simply easing back up into the starting position, you perform a controlled jump. Jump squats aren’t usually performed with weights like Mudryk uses. We can assume that the use of a bench, which puts Mudryk in a seated position at the lowest point of the rep, is to prevent him from going too low. The Ukrainian’s integration of weights is a testament to his strength and adds an extra layer to the exercise’s effectiveness.

Single Leg Step-Ups

Step-ups are a classic for building toned claves. But Mudryk uses a variation of them hugely beneficial to footballers. While a usual step-up rep requires stepping up and down from the box with both legs, Mudryk performs a rep with only a single leg. Adding another benefit to the exercise by improving balance.

To perform a single leg step-up, stand flat-footed on top of a box. Step down with a single leg and control the entire movement. With your foot placed firmly on the ground, bring the leg back into the starting position and repeat. This exercise can also be performed with weights for an extra challenge.

Nordic Curl

A gruelling exercise if there ever was one. Nordic curls are typically reserved for true gym junkies. The amount of strength and control throughout the lower body and core required to pull off a full set of Nordic curls is immense and will challenge even the toughest of athletes. But doesn’t Mudryk make them look easy? Let me assure you, they are not.

Nordic curls target eccentric muscle movements, which are proven to be more effective in building strength. You’re forced to control your body on the way down, or you’ll fall flat on your face. The movement can build rock-solid abs, stronger knees and hamstrings and is one of the best exercises for injury prevention.

Suitcase Marches

Suitcase marches are a terrific finisher exercise that strengthens your entire lower-body from ankles to hips. For footballers, the balance that suitcase marches build is essential for maintaining possession of the ball and muscling off defenders.

To perform a suitcase march, hold a kettlebell in one hand and simply walk forwards in small, steady steps. Swap hands and repeat. This exercise should feel like your bringing in a heavy bag of groceries from the car. Or, as its name suggests, walking with a suitcase.

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