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‘My Girlfriend Says I Devote Too Much Time to my Training’

We ask the office girls.

Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers. Today we ask: My girlfriend says I devote too much time to my training. I don’t get it. Don’t women want their partner to look good?  – BD

Lizza: My husband had that issue with ex-girlfriends. He thought they liked the way he looked because of the gym but resented the time he spent there.

Nikolina: If your partner’s not a gym-going person, it’ll be hard for her to understand why you’re virtually living there. Can you create a balance? I mean, maybe try to get her involved – do a few sessions with her. Otherwise, you might want to cut back a little bit, right? Or else work out at home now and then.

Becky: I think you need to communicate with her about why this is important to you. Because, yeah, if the gym is not her thing, it would be hard for her to understand why you – why anybody! – could be so passionate about it. Also, encourage her to tell you what she’s passionate about and try to get involved in that with her. Or at least take an interest in it or enjoy her excitement.

Lizza: There could be something underlying her attitude. Maybe she feels she’s not getting enough attention and that’s the real issue, rather than your chest-and-back days.

Nikolina: What’s too much, though? How much time
are you spending in the gym, BD?

Lizza: Yeah, exactly. This makes me think about my husband and me. We have
a baby, but I just know how much training means to him, so he goes off and does it every day. If I were a different person, if I didn’t understand the need to do it, then I’d be like, “What about me and the babies?” But now every morning I’m out of there to train and he understands I need to go because otherwise I’m a certifiable crazy woman.

Becky: Also, BD, be careful generalising. Everybody wants and needs different things from a relationship – and physical appearance is not numero uno for most of us.

Nikolina: Maybe even a dad bod’s okay?

Becky: We love a dad bod! There’s really nothing wrong with a dad bod.

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