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Here Are The Only Six People Who Have Finished The Final Ninja Warrior Course

Could there be a seventh after the Australian Ninja Warrior final? - by Tori Ottle

Who will win the Australian Ninja Warrior tomorrow night? To be sure of victory a contestant must complete the final course.

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But the odds are against them: across a total of 31 seasons to air in 19 countries, only six people have ever completed the final Ninja Warrior course. Four are from Japan, two are from the US.

The final obstacle is also one of the most basic: a 22-metre rope called Mount Midoriyama. Each contestant has to climb to the top and press a buzzer within 30 seconds.

So with the odds against them, could there be a winner tomorrow night?

Here are the only six finishers in the world:


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The Japanese shoe salesman is the only person to have completed the course twice, even though it took him five attempts to qualify for the show.

He tried the course 13 times and had success on his fourth attempt in 2010 before repeating the feat in 2011.


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This professional rock climber is one of the two Americans to complete the course in the 2015 season.

Although two finished the course, he scaled Mt Midoriyama the fastest in 26.14 seconds and won $US 1 million.


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This cameraman was the other man who finished the course in the US in 2015. Britten built his incredible upper body strength via decades of rock climbing.


Weighing just 56 kilograms and standing a mere 161 centimetres tall, this pint-sized crab fisherman and massage therapist boasted a body fat percentage of 5.8 per cent.

Post win, he had to retire after being diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition.


Makoto Nagano competed in 26 Sasuke competitions (the original Ninja Warrior) but quit this year.

The diminutive 162cm fisherman trained for 300 days on his ship to compete.


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This software engineer won Sasuke at 23 years of age, making him the youngest person to complete the course (and also proving beyond doubt that geeks can pack serious muscle). He first attempted the course at the age of 15.

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