Research Finds People Who Swear Make Better Friends | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Want To Make Friends? Try Swearing A Little More

If you’re struggling to make mates, you might want to run your mouth a bit, at least that’s what one study is suggesting.

A new study published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal, suggests that swearing regularly can help you make better friends. Scientists put this down to being both honest and unfiltered. 

“Profanity can be positively associated with honesty. It is often used to express one’s unfiltered feelings (e.g., anger, frustration) and sincerity,” write the authors. 

Meanwhile,”innocent suspects, for example, are more likely to use swear words than guilty suspects when denying accusations.”

This isn’t the first time shouting out profanities has proved beneficial. Previously, research found that swearing in the gym can make you lift stronger. We’ll swear to that. 

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