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Ryan Reynolds Unveils Hilariously Jacked Alter Ego In Free Guy

“Life is about growth…hormones.”

When it comes to comedy, it seems Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong. From Deadpool to The Hitman’s Bodyguard, in recent years Reynolds has cemented his place amongst the comedic geniuses of Hollywood, those who draw audiences to theatres simply for the pleasure of making them cackle and, where possible, fear the wetting of pants from a single line delivery. And if the most recent teaser from his upcoming project, Free Guy, is anything to go by, it looks like we’re in for another hilarious adventure. This time, Reynolds is poking fun at the very thing we admire here at Men’s Health: fitness. Well, not exactly fitness, but those who devote their entire lives to the gaining of muscle, the shredding of fat, and the idolisation of their physique in the gym mirror. 

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, the actor poked fun at the Hollywood fitness complex which sees actors bulk up for roles. Consider your favourite Marvel character stars and their relentless training regimens and strict diet plans, and that’s essentially what Reynolds is shining a spotlight on, albeit in a very, very funny way. Audiences are introduced to Dude, a muscle-bound bad guy who appears to be a major obstacle for Reynolds’s protagonist in the film. Dude is swole. It’s impossibly big, the kind of jacked physique that takes years of relentless training to achieve. That or steroids. 

n the YouTube clip, Reynolds breaks down the steps he took to become Dude after pausing the movie preview. “I do know you hear actors complaining about how hard their movie workouts are,” Reynolds says in a voice over as Dude emerges from bed to put on his trademark gold chain necklace. “I don’t have time for that. I’ve been at this one week and I’ve got to tell you…it’s coming in nicely.”

The actor then goes through what it takes to get Dude’s physique. “I start every day with a protein bomb made exclusively of human muscle. It’s completely organic and illegal.” The humour doesn’t stop there. There are self-referential jokes, bodybuilding quips, and some gratuitous flexing thrown in for good measure. It’s clear that this is the work of FX wizards, but that only makes it funnier. It literally looks like Reynolds has just pasted his face onto some giant guy’s body. 

Thankfully for wife, Blake Lively, Reynolds is still maintaining his regular physique. “I actually fathered our youngest daughter when I was this muscular,” Reynolds says in one part. “The child was born full grown and wearing shoes, which was weird for Blake.” 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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