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Scrawny To Brawny – Week 7 Journal


After a few weeks of struggling with sickness, I needed something to go my way. Not only did I need it for my own confidence and growth, I just couldn’t afford to get sick again. One more bout of sickness will surely mean I end up with a less than desirable result.


But this week? This week was a good week. I met with Cato on Monday morning and we had a quick catch up on my progress and health. Then came the bombshell.


“Bray, I think it’s best we cut your program down to once a day,” he said.


As soon as those words left his mouth, a thousand angels playing trumpets entered the gym on a golden chariot. Was this real life? You bet it was. After 6 weeks of slogging it out twice a day, morning and night, my life was about to get a whole lot easier.


Cato explained that initially it was important to be working out twice a day with the goal of shocking my muscles to promote growth. But my multiple bouts of sickness over the previous weeks have shown him that it’s no longer sustainable.


My optimism for the last 6 weeks of the program has skyrocketed. Instead of doing two half-hour sessions a day, I’ll now be going once in the morning for a longer, harder 45 minutes.


My mornings have suddenly become a lot sorer. But no matter how sore I get, no matter how long it takes me to walk from the gym to work after leg day – it’s all worth it knowing that once home-time comes, I’m out that door and can go straight home rather than have to work out.


While clean eating has worked out great so far, it’s slowly starting to get the better of me. I’ve been allowing myself to have more “cheat” meals, which isn’t the worst thing when you’re trying to stack on size. There’s only so many plates of lamb and sweet potato you can stomach before you’re due to eat again two hours later.


A good tip I heard from a friend, which I’ve started doing myself, is drinking more milk. I’m having a glass at breakfast and in my protein shake at night, but I’m also having another two-three glasses during the day with my meals. For people who struggle to eat solid food all day, throwing in a few glasses of milk can be really beneficial to helping you hit your kilojoule goals.


6,12,25 Legs + Abs Workout


Superset of 4 Rounds


High Bar Back Squat – 6 reps – 10sec rest

Atlantis Pendulum Squat – 12 reps – 10sec rest

Leg Extension Machine – 25 reps – 120sec rest


Superset of 4 Rounds


Glute Hamstring Raise – 6 reps – 10sec rest

Lying Hamstring Curl – 12 reps – 10sec rest

45 Degree Back Extension – 25 reps – 120sec rest


Superset of 3 Rounds


Hanging Garhammer – 6 reps – 10sec rest

Incline Garhammer on Bench – 12 reps – 10sec rest

Sit Up Get Up – 25 reps – 120sec rest


Superset of 3 Rounds


Pec Dec Machine – 10-12 reps – 60sec rest

Seated Row Neutral Grip Dual Pulley – 10-12 reps – 60sec rest

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