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Doing This Simple Trick Throughout Your Lifetime Lowers Your Risk Of Death

There’s no denying we’re all looking for the latest fad to extend our time on planet earth. But turns out there’s one simple trick we can live by that will reduce our risk of premature death. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Exeter published in BMJ Open, patients who continuously use the same doctor have lower death rates. 

The research, which analysed 22 previous studies over 9 countries, found that the human aspect of medical practice was “potentially life-saving” but hadn’t been utilised.

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The findings of 18 of the studies suggest that going to the same doctor over an average of two years equated to fewer deaths during the study period compared to other patients.  

Using the same doctor can be particularly beneficial with patients suffering chronic conditions or long-term mental health issues. Scientist found it to be necessary in the long-term planning of healthcare. 

“Continuity of care happens when a patient and a doctor see each other repeatedly and get to know each other,” says professor Phillip Evans, from the University of Exeter Medical School. 

“This leads to better communication, patient satisfaction, adherence to medical advice and much lower use of hospital services.” 

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