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Seth Rogen On Cutting Out Alcohol: “I Realised I Had Been Lied To”

Each actor has something unique they bring to the table – or at least the very best in Hollywood do. With Matthew McConnaughey it’s that Texan drawl and sun-soaked skin, Jonah Hill has his wit, while Brad Pitt is, well, Brad Pitt. But if ever there was a distinctive laugh you needed for a film, it’s Seth Rogen that seems to take the cake for a laugh that not only seems to encapsulate his very personality, but also speaks for his passions, too. The “heh-heh-heh” of Rogen is so deep and croaky, it could practically serve as the advertisement for pot.

The actor has been open about many things in his life, including that of smoking weed and alcohol. In a recent interview with British GQ, the 38-year-old opened up about consuming alcoholic beverages as a teenager and young adult and why he turned to drugs instead. 

Rogen told the publication that he was drinking between the ages of 13 and 23 “as often as I could without derailing my life in any meaningful way.” But, as the actor suggests, he began to question why he was taking part in such actions.

“Like, why am I getting blackout drunk at these things and hating myself the next day? And I think I realised I had been lied to about alcohol and that it held a place in society for the wrong reasons.”

Rogen then decided to cut out most alcohol “around ten years ago,” and instead decided to take drugs socially. “Once I grew more comfortable with doing other drugs that were more stigmatised and not worrying about damage in terms of anyone’s perceptions of me, there was just a point where I realised I just need to be comfortable doing a quarter tab of Molly [MDMA] at this party and not drinking and having a much better time,” he said. “Or eating a tiny bit of shrooms at this thing or having a [weed] lollipop.”

“The next day I don’t have a hangover,” Rogen continued. “I’m not throwing up.”

“It’s just much better for me,” he added.

Asked what a world without weed would look like, Rogen said: “It would be like saying you can’t wear clothes anymore. It would be a real bummer. It would make it really hard for me to do what I need to do in the world.”

For Rogen, marijuana has helped significantly with his low-level Tourette’s and OCD. Speaking against the stigma associated with smoking weed, Rogen said: “The only stigma with weed is because it affects your brain. And people are just weird about it.”

“They don’t like talking about brain health,” he added. 

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