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Women Are Sharing The Sexiest Items A Man Can Wear

Fortunately, these women of Reddit are more to happy to provide a few pointers to ensure you don’t look like a slob next time you’re out in public. 

Nice fitting button up, with rolled sleeves” – @ Dutch_Rayan

A plain black T-shirt. Original button-up Levi 501’s. Black Engineer boots. Imo” – @Boogie5270

“Personally, I love to see men in nice, well-designed underwear that is a bit more interesting than a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Bright(er) colours and a more snug fit are preferred. If they’re not making a show of the bulge, they’re not worth putting on. Briefs and trunks are best, imho.

“For me though, the single sexiest garment a man can wear is a button-down shirt. Leaving a couple of buttons undone gives you a tantalising view of the chest, often revealing an inviting tuft of chest hair that drives me nuts. Even better is when it’s fully unbuttoned. I don’t know why, but for some reason when a gorgeous guy wears a shirt like this in summer, I can’t look away. So goddamn hot.

“Other than that, I’m also partial to a sleeveless tee. I realise that these are commonly associated with douchebags who scream at their wives in public, but I can’t help it. They show off a guy’s arms so well.” – @Rottenox

Classic, simple smart-casual outfits. Like a navy jumper, jeans, white collar shirt, brown shoes. Good quality fabrics like wool or cotton not polyester (yuck). Fitted but not tight. Boxer-briefs.” – @Peeedorrrfff

“Clothes that actually fit.

“If it’s too tight or too baggy or your butt and underwear are showing–this is not sexy.

“Seriously, fellas, if you’re a 42/30 wear a 42/30! Don’t squeeze your butt into a 38/30–that is just plain dumb.” – @abaloo_Monkey

Black crew neck t-shirt- fitted but not stretch tight. Faded jeans. White sneakers. Oh yeah and the watch (not Apple but actual masculine timepiece) – always draws my eyes to the forearms. those forearms … rowr (female commenting btw)” – @ziggiddy

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