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Shane Warne Dropped 14kg – Here’s His Secret

During the peak of his career, cricketer Shane Warne could turn a Kookaburra for fun. But one thing he never had under control was his weight. Fast forward ten years and nowadays, Warnie is sporting a much leaner figure.

Speaking on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast, the King of Spin answered the tough questions about his impressive body transformation, including whether he’d gone under the knife. 

The 49-year-old insisted his fitness journey was au natural, denying any cosmetic work. 

“I had people ringing me up saying ‘Warnie’s had his head done, he’s had plastic surgery, he’s looking like Paul Hogan’ because you were looking so good at the footy yesterday,” McGuire joke.

“You have dropped 14kg, what have you been doing?”

The father-of-three opted for a more unconventional route.  

“I’ve been doing traditional Chinese medicine, I’ve been doing training and things like that,” Warne responded.

“I’ve dropped 14kg, I’m trying to lose another three or four more to get down to 80kg but I haven’t had any work done to my head. I haven’t had, whatever they call it, fillers, injections and all that sort of stuff!”

It’s been 22 years since the infamous champagne pour at Trent Bridge, but the red-ball specialist admits that alcohol is still his Achilles heel.

“I feel great, I’m 50 this year so and the Ashes is just coming up so I thought now it’s time,” he continues.

“By the end of the summer, England’s summer, I’ll probably be a fat bastard again from drinking pints.”

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