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Take a Look Inside Bachelor Host Osher Günsberg’s Home Gym and Fridge

The episode launches are new video series ‘At Home with Men’s Health’

With lockdown continuing across much of Australia, we have decided to launch our all-new and aptly titled video series ‘At Home with Men’s Health’.

The series, which premieres today on the Australian Men’s Health YouTube channel, is designed to give you an exclusive look into the at-home gym routines and diets of some of the leading names in Aussie health. Since the pandemic forced us to rethink the ways in which we exercise, with less emphasis on traditional gyms and more of a focus on adaptability, the series looks at how some of Australia’s leading men have transitioned and are making the most of the ‘new normal’ both in their diet and their training.

Episode 1 kicks off with one of the most multi talented faces in Australian media, Osher Günsberg.

Host of the Masked Singer and The Bachelor Australia, Günsberg is also a popular podcaster and former Men’s Health cover star.

While Günsberg made a point to tell us his training regime and body fat is not quite what it was when he graced our cover back in 2018, we can confirm the 47-year-old still knows his way around a superset. From his outdoor home gym, Günsberg takes us through a typical weights session where he says he favours the big compound movements like bench and deadlift. In between sets he was even kind enough to give us a Prince rendition, as well as share his thoughts on how Chris Hemsworth maintains his shredded exterior. (Though, be warned, these are entirely the opinions of Günsberg, and Men’s Health can’t ratify such claims.)

Günsberg made history as the first Aussie cover star on a fully plant-based diet, a diet he still swears by today. As we see in the video, Günsberg’s eating habits are based around his busy work schedule and the need to have healthy snacks and meals readily available in between meetings, calls, podcasts and taking care of his two-year-old son. Günsberg’s tips are useful for anyone balancing a hectic schedule between work and family.

Tune in each week to see Günsberg and others share advice on how to truly nail the home gym and fridge.

By Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley is the editorial director of Men’s Health and Women’s Health, and the editor-in-chief of Esquire Australia. Formerly deputy editor of GQ, Riley published his first book in 2022, with Penguin Random House.

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