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The Best New Sneakers For Your Winter Running Needs

The wind might be lashing at your face, but these shoes will see you get after your fitness goals no matter the weather.

You don’t need us to tell you it’s cold out. Simply venture outdoors and the grimaces from passersby alerts you to the fact that right now, the weather is far from kind but rather the kind of biting chill that sends you indoors, cowering under blankets and various heated devices. While we’re not opposed to seasonal changes and the luxury that is curling up in the evening with warmth in the form of comfort meals, it does become something of a thorny issue when it comes to our fitness goals. Where summer is made for showing off flesh and getting outdoors, few things are less appealing than heading out for a run only to see your eyes water, your nose dribble, and your fingers swell in protest against the cold.

But, as the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter and if you’re struggling to find the motivation to stay active and keep working towards those fitness goals you set yourself months earlier, perhaps it’s time to invest in some new kicks. Thanks to the likes of New Balance, Nike, Hoka One One and more brands, you can continue to attack your goals with the same intensity as before with sneakers designed to see you go the distance during the colder months. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the best sneakers to see you through winter running.

New Balance, Fresh Foam x 1080v12, $260

When it comes to performance, the Fresh Foam 1080 from New Balance hits all the right spots. With underfoot cushioning that allows for a smooth ride, regardless of distance or training speed, you can be sure that you’re hitting your running goals with a shoe designed to be supportive with a second-skin style fit thanks to an engineered Hypoknit upper. The result is a comfortable sneaker that will go the distance. 

Nike, React Pegasus Trail 4, $190

While Nike has long come to dominate the road-running scene what with the likes of the Zoom VaporFly and other models, in recent years it’s also come to assert its presence in trail running. For those looking to get out onto the trails during these colder months, the React Pegasus Trail 4 boasts a supportive and springy feel. Underfoot traction will see you feel comfortable regardless of the terrain, while still offering a smooth ride. 

Salomon x Ciele Athletics, Phantasm Road, $270

Few brands can boast a cult-like following quite like Salomon, who continue to achieve greatness in their apparel and footwear thanks to road-testing on big names in the running community. When it comes to the collaboration between Salomon and Ciele, the result is a sneaker worth the hype. Weighing in at just 235g, it’s a lightweight sneaker that features Salomon’s trademark Energy Blade technology, propelling you forward with each stride. And as for style, well, just look at that cheetah print. Need we say more?

Hoka One One, Carbon X 3, $300

If you’re wondering if a sneaker can really be worth the $300-price tag, the answer is ‘yes’ – as long as you’re referring to the Carbon X 3 from Hoka One One. The brand, which has come to be beloved by runners around the world, continues to deliver shoes that are the ultimate as far as cushioning and support goes, while also being designed to go the distance for those motivated by feats of endurance. With a refined fit and improved knit upper, the Carbon X 3 is perfect for races or tempo sessions, with a soft, stable and responsive ride. 

Saucony, Endorphin Speed 2, $260

The Endorphin Speed 2 from Saucony is the perfect sneaker for those looking to improve their speed out on the roads. With a superior fit and extra support compared to the Endorphin Pro 2, this shoe will support you for whatever goals you have yet to achieve. It also features an ultralight PWRRUN PB and a carbon fibre plate, so you know you’ll be crushing some PBs this season. 

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