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The Core Workout That Keeps Chris Hemsworth’s Abs Shredded

Chris Hemsworth shared his go-to core workout with his followers, displaying just how to train to get a core like Thor.

Few actors have come to be revered as much for their acting skills as they have their physiques, but when it comes to Chris Hemsworth, the Aussie Golden Boy continues to make a name for himself as the man with a perpetually shredded rig. It’s hardly surprising then, that while others rely on CGI and special effects to bear the appearance of a Marvel superhero, Hemsworth seems to perpetually exist in Thor-ready shape. With those bulging biceps and six-pack sporting torso, he’s made fitness his lifestyle and by making it a priority, the pressures and tight schedules of Hollywood never steer him away from his own health goals. 

Though he frequently shares his workouts and training tips on Instagram, Hemsworth’s latest video is sure to please anyone who is looking to get that highly coveted six-pack. And with summer around the corner which is sure to demand the showing of flesh as temperatures soar, there’s no better time to take on a core workout fit for Thor himself. 

As Hemsworth explains, his go-to core workout is one that consists primarily of bodyweight exercises, making it perfect for anyone due to its accessibility. Where some like to throw excuses around and profane about gym fees and high costs of equipment, Hemsworth is here to ensure you never skip a day of core as this workout proves demanding and gruelling – even without equipment. But, for those looking to step it up a notch, he does incorporate a medicine ball for some exercises. However, a substitute can be a loaded backpack. 

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With different exercises targeting various sections of the core, you’ll be sure to feel the burn on this one. Flutter kicks are excellent for targeting the lower abdominals due to the nature of the movement being driven from the bottom up, while bicycles incorporate rotation to engage the obliques. If crunches aren’t exactly your style or you want something a little more challenging, you could also substitute them for a hanging leg raise, or even the V-up. 

Hemsworth wrote in the caption, “Try at your own pace but keep pushing yourself!” as he encouraged his followers to perform each set one after the other, without resting until at least 50 reps have been completed. As Hemsworth suggests, the circuit can be followed for a total of five times, with 60 seconds of rest between rounds. 

Chris Hemsworth’s Go-To Core Workout

  • Bird dog, 10 reps
  • Bicycle situps, 10 reps
  • Alternating Supermans, 10 reps
  • Scissor kicks, 10 reps
  • Butterfly situps, 10 reps
  • Medicine ball crunches, 10 reps
  • Crunches, 10 reps
  • Flutter kicks, 10 reps

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