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The Four Style Commandments to Raise Your Game

1/ Stay in Sync
“Keep it simple. Menswear is about style over fashion. When putting your wardrobe together try and keep the colours complementary. If most of your clothes are white, black, grey, sky-blue or navy, the separate pieces will always sync together effortlessly.”

2/ Easy Does it
“Ultimately you’ve got to wear what makes you feel comfortable. When you’re eyeing an item ask yourself whether wearing it will make you appear confident and feel your best. Don’t try and dress like somebody else.”

3/ God Save McQueen
“When it comes to style icons, Steve McQueen is always No.1 because he nails the basics. It doesn’t matter whether he’s wearing chinos and a shawl-necked cardigan or a tuxedo – everything always looks timeless and effortless.”

4/ Upgrade Your Gym Wear
“Personally, I want to go to the gym without looking like a walking billboard and then be able to go for coffee or socialise afterwards without necessarily getting changed. As a result, I like hybrid gym wear. Les Basic delivers gear that’s made from great fabrics that aren’t emblazoned with logos.”

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