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The Solo SF150 Waterskiing Machine Lets You Ride Waves Alone

Waterskiing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Unlike, say, a game of backyard cricket where everyone is relatively involved in the outcome of the game, it’s really only enjoyable for the person waterskiing at the given moment. For the rest, it’s a matter of simply being present, waiting their turn, and of course, steering the actual boat. Thankfully though, a new invention means you don’t have to pay off your friends just so they can take you out waterskiing. Thanks to the Solo SF150 Personal Waterskiing Machine, you can ride waves alone and enjoy complete autonomy and convenience. 

If such a machine sounds outrageous, you need only look at the mechanics of the Solo SF150 to realise that it’s not just a matter of brilliance, but also something you’ll be adding to your Christmas wish list immediately. The machine comes with a clamshell-like control panel the can be fitted on just about any tow line, allowing you to wirelessly communicate with the machine, while still offering full control of both speed and direction. As well as this, it acts as a wireless safety lanyard, so the engine will actually stop running and come find you at an idle speed if it detects you and your custom life vest are more than 40 inches away from said tow line. The engine shuts off and drifts towards you at 10 inches, for safety reasons of course. 

The machine houses a ROTAX 1.5-litre four-stroke motor that’s linked to a jet drive and capable of generating 150 horsepower. The Solo SF150 also features something known as MEMS technology, meaning it can sense torque to ensure it stays on course no matter how hard the rider pulls. It’s pretty incredible stuff, enough to ease the fears of even the most cautious of water sport revellers. This unit is fully programmable with your smartphone for skiing, waterboarding, wake skating, hydrofoiling and bare footing speeds and even offers different levels of experience ranging from beginner to expert. 

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