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The Unbelievably Easy Way to Make Her 14 Per cent Hornier

A well-rested wife equals a hotter sex life. Sleep may boost a woman’s libido, suggests new research from the University of Michigan.


Female study participants kept track of their sleep and sex life for 2 weeks. When the subjects logged more hours of shuteye, they reported feeling more aroused the next day.


For the women who were in a relationship, an extra hour of dozing increased their odds of getting busy the next day by 14 per cent.


It’s no surprise that she’s more interested in a romp when she’s not exhausted. But there’s more to it than that, says study author Dr David Kalmbach.


“The driving force could be biological,” Kalmbach says. “Some prior research has shown that sleep increases sex hormones, which can influence feelings of sexual desire.”


Rest may be crucial for you, too: studies have shown that men with sleep disorders are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction, Kalmbach says.


Keep to a consistent, generous sleep schedule and encourage her to do the same. Establish a bedtime, suggests Dr Andrew Varga, a clinical instructor at NYU Langone Medical Center.


Set an alarm for a half hour beforehand as a reminder to turn off electronics, dim the lights, and wind down – or maybe get frisky.




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