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We Can’t Get Enough Of These Zen Forest Cooking Videos

You know when you want to watch something on Youtube, but don’t really want to watch anything? When you want to chill on the couch, partially paying attention, and partially zoning out? Well, my friend, let me introduce you to the world of forest cooking.

I first found out about the sub-genre when diving endlessly into my suggested content on Youtube, and boy was I impressed.

The premise revolves around simply shot, outdoor cooking videos of people showing you how to survive in the wilderness (providing you have all the necessary ingredients).

Think: steaks sizzling on heated rocks over fiery embers as soft sun beams wade through a gentle canopy of rain-dewed leaves.
Majority of the videos include no speech, and only background noise. It’s like ASMR in the outback.

Check out some of our faves below:

Kent Survival

Wilderness Cooking


Men With The Pot

Scrambled O

Fire Kitchen

Primitive Technology KH

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