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This Type OfCan Boost Your Mood And Stop You From Being Hangry

A bad day at the office can make you reach for the fridge as soon as you get home. But just two yoga sessions a week can stop you eating for the sake of it, finds research. 

According to recent studies, yoga not only made you more flexible, but helped with signs of depression and significantly minimised emotional eating.

Discussed during a recent American convention, studies analysed the effects of yoga on both males and women who suffered symptoms of depression. In two separate studies, a group of 23 male veterans and a group of 52 women aged between 25 and 45 respectively, were examined.

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In the first instance, the men took part in yoga twice a week for eight weeks. By the end, participants who showed signs of depression had significantly improved.

In the second sample, half the women, aged between 25 and 45, participated in Hatha yoga twice a week for 8 weeks while the other half did not. Their mood was tracked throughout the experiment. 

Similarly, those who undertook yoga experienced improvement in their symptoms while a separate study by the university found that yoga also improved binge-eating. 

While we don’t suggest that yoga is a miracle cure for mental illness, the studies are a positive step to help people affected. 

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