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4 Best Smartwatches For Men 2022

Innovative smartwatches at every budget for weekend warriors, fitness pros, and horologists.

In 2020 it was announced that Apple outsold the entire Swiss watch industry with their smartwatch. It was at this time that any brand thinking this change was just a fad needed to reconsider.

In 2022 consumers have vast choices from known and lesser known brands, all fighting for that prized real estate on your wrist. Smartwatches can be as digital as your smartphone, or as sophisticated as a Rolex, here are the best choices we’ve tested this year. 

Withings ScanWatch Horizon smartwatch

Withings ScanWatch Horizon

If you don’t need your watch to look like a small iPhone yet still want the benefits of a smartwatch then cast your eyes at the latest model from Withings. Looking more like a Rolex Submariner, this smartwatch comes in a Jaguar green and velvet blue. The ScanWatch Horizon uses analogue sophistication with the brains of a smartwatch. A small display sits above the centre to show you notifications, navigate a simplistic menu system and track workouts. The sensors on the watch will allow you to perform an ECG, track SpO2, heart-rate, sleep tracking and exercises including swimming. What makes this smartwatch most impressive is the 30 day battery life, something unheard of in this category. Unlike a Rolex, this look-a-like retails for $699.99


Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 7

You cannot talk about smartwatches without acknowledging the one that brought the category to the masses. Their latest model continues to improve in an iterative fashion but enough to keep buyers looking their way. While the design of the Apple Watch is largely unchanged and looks appalling to classic timepiece aficionados, the software and it’s capabilities continue to evolve. Buyers of an Apple Watch today will see new features and functions added over a period of years. Today the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, more variations and colours than any other watch and compatibility with more equipment, integrated apps and the wellbeing ecosystem. While being the generic smartwatch of choice, it is anything but generic. From $599


fitbit sense smartwatch

Fitbit Sense smartwatch

The pioneers in driving us to care about the amount of steps we took each day, Fitbit has evolved to being a wellbeing focused smartwatch. While still being able to track every movement you make, the Fitbit Sense considers your rest, dietary intake and stress factors to provide insights into your overall wellness. Hard training day yesterday? Rest today. Stress management and breathing exercises are all part of the Fitbit experience now, while also being a great smartwatch for Apple or Android users. The six day battery life means you can get away for the long weekend without packing a charger and with an expanding line of customisations, you’ll make it your own in no time. From $449.95


TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch

TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch

It was inevitable that serious watchmakers would eventually pay attention to this growing trend and TAG Heuer are here with the Calibre E4. Available in 42 and 45mm versions this Google powered smartwatch looks as sophisticated as you’d expect from the brand. The smartwatch is as capable as the Apple Watch yet carries the watch faces the traditional TAG Heuer range and this is something no one else can match yet. Worn at the office, to a wedding or at the gym, the Calibre E4 is a standout and holds court in every way. Concerned about newer models superseding this one? Take a look at the trade-in program offered and you might find yourself upgrading to the latest with ease. From $2,600


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