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Our panel of experts are leaders in their fields, offering insight, wisdom and practical knowledge to help you tick off goals in every area of your life.

Osher Günsberg


A fixture on prime-time TV for two decades, Osher Günsberg is our growth and personal development expert. Having carefully navigated his own journey of self-discovery, mental health advocacy, and sobriety, Günsberg knows how difficult it can be to make the necessary changes in life that can facilitate inner peace and few are better at detailing that interior journey. Now, he wants to help you make transformative changes in your life.

Khan Porter


A seven-time CrossFit Games veteran, former state rugby player and national surf lifesaver, there isn’t much in the realm of fitness that Khan Porter hasn’t conquered. Porter is, quite simply, one of Australia’s fittest men. Having spent most of his entire life keeping his body in peak condition, he’s Men’s Health’s go-to guy for all things fitness. From high-energy cardio sessions to sweat-inducing weights workouts, Porter’s fitness acumen knows no bounds.

Sam Wood


A former star of The Bachelor Australia, qualified personal trainer and Men’s Health cover alum, Sam Wood is our new family fitness expert. A veritable health guru, Wood has spent 20 years in the fitness industry and since finding love on The Bachelor, he’s become a father of four. Wood knows how hard it can be for working dads to find the time to exercise and is uniquely positioned to help you get in shape while balancing the demands of work and family. He knows what works and what doesn’t, not only for his family, but yours too.

Chantelle Otten


Award-winning ‘psycho-sexologist’, renowned sex therapist and published author, Chantelle Otten is our new resident sex expert. As the Director of the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, Otten knows the ins and outs of what goes on in Aussie bedrooms. Otten has a passion for empowering people, and with her guidance, you’ll learn everything there is to know about sexual health, and of course, the secrets to better sex.

Manoj Dias


Meet Manoj Dias a bestselling author and master of training the body, mind and the space in-between. Dias boasts comprehensive knowledge of meditation, breathwork, physical and emotional well-being. Bridging Eastern wisdom with Western science, his philosophy centers on the convergence of mindfulness and contemporary culture. As the resident wellness expert for Men’s Health, Dias stands poised to guide you towards living your fullest and most vibrant life.

Dr Zac Seidler


In one of our most important pillars, we’re thrilled to be able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of Dr Zac Seidler, a clinical psychologist and senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Orygen Institute and global director of men’s mental health research at Movember. Seidler, who’s dedicated his academic and professional career toward understanding men’s mental health and masculinity, ultimately aims to reduce the rate of male suicide.

Dr Vyom Sharma


Dr Vyom Sharma, a seasoned health professional, brings a wealth of knowledge and medical expertise to the Men’s Health expert panel. With a background in both medicine and holistic wellness, Sharma seamlessly integrates evidence-based practices with a people-first approach that cuts through jargon and scientific mumbo-jumbo to deliver useful, practical medical advice. With a focus on sustainable and realistic health goals, Sharma’s guidance could be the key to ensuring you maintain optimum health and fitness.

Christopher Nayna


Chris is a dedicated health and fitness professional with more than 17 years’ industry experience. He is passionate about preventative health and has qualifications in critical care cardiology nursing and strength and conditioning coaching. He has trained some of Australia’s top business executives and was hand-picked to work as the founding Head of Fitness for Saint Haven – Australia’s premier private wellness club. When he’s not throwing weights around in the gym, you can find Chris getting his cardio in by chasing after his two very energetic toddlers!