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Google Pixel 6 is Here and Ready For Long-Term Relationships

Everything you need to know.

It wasn’t so long ago that some of us would upgrade our smartphones each year or two. It was a costly exercise but it meant we could have the latest features. Today, Google has taken the wraps off their latest smartphone, which might be the last you buy for five years. 

The Pixel 6 comes in a standard and a Pro version, similar to the current iPhone range. The Pixel 6 carries dual cameras on the back, one 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultrawide. The FHD+ display measures 6.4 inches and can shift between 60-90Hz refresh rates to suit the on screen content. The base model starts at 128GB and is all protected with IP68 water and dust resistance. 

Stepping up to the Pro model brings some added hardware. An additional rear camera with 48MP and 4X optical zoom allows you to take great photos from a distance, the front facing camera is upgraded enabling 4K video recording. All of this is seen through a larger 6.7inch QHD+ OLED display which shifts through 10 to 120Hz. The biggest change in this model however is the addition of the future ready 5G Sub 6 & mmWave support. This upgraded capability is already seeing download speeds of 3.6Gbps on the Telstra network who expect to have almost 200 sights with 5G Sub 6 mmWave capability before the end of the year.

With all the techno-babble out of the way, the best features of Pixel 6 are in the software. A new security hub allows you to have full control of app behaviour, manage updates and carry out security checkups. Google says the combination of software and hardware on the Pixel 6 makes it the most secure phone available today. Google is backing this up with five years of security updates so your purchase today is not forgotten tomorrow.

Google has put a focus on voice and language this year. The Pixel 6 has an incredible Live Translate feature which isn’t just allowing you to convert “Ciao” to “Hello”. You could receive an SMS from a friend in Japan, in Japanese, and read it automatically in English. You could then reply in English and Google will translate this to Japanese for you automatically. Looking through the camera lens at foreign text on a shop window, business card or menu will also allow live translation and this occurs instantly. All of the translation now happens on the device and is not shared with Google, for further peace of mind.

Speaking of the camera, Google has added new software features to take advantage of the strong lenses in the Pixel 6. Magic Eraser will allow you to remove power lines or photobombers from your photos and this technology extends to images you download or retrieve from your old phones. Motion mode is excellent for capturing fast moving people, cars or trains with real motion blur rather than the object looking completely frozen. Long Exposure can be used for incredible night shots, on top of the already advanced Night Sight which can see in the dark better than the human eye. 

With all of these features likely to be a strain on battery life, Google still claims the Pixel 6 will carry on for more than 24 hours, even when using 5G. The smartphone will adapt performance and energy based on how you use your phone and when you use certain apps. This intelligence will operate in the background. For moments when you simply can’t reach a charger, Extreme Battery Saver can help you save more power to last up to 48 hours. 

The Pixel 6 range will come in a variety of tones and colours and add a level of fun to the devices. The wallpaper you choose can also alter the icons, menu and widget colours to create a more personalised experience. 

From a pricing point of view, Google can save you money in your investment with even their Pro version being cheaper than the standard iPhone 13. The Pixel 6 will start at $999 and the Pixel 6 Pro will start from $1299. We can hear Apple writing their excuses already. 

Geoff Quattromani is the founder of and contributor to Men’s Health Australia. Continue the conversation with Geoff on Twitter at @GQuattromani.

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