All The 2023 Super Bowl Commercials For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’ve Found All The 2023 Super Bowl Commercials For Your Viewing Pleasure

Including Ben Affleck as a passionate Dunkin' employee,

At this point, Super Bowl commercials are such an institution that they garner practically as much attention as the game itself. (Okay, almost.) But the spots aired on America’s biggest annual broadcast (with price tags to match) have their ups and downs, from mostly standard-issue commercials to the strangest tv moments yet. 

Some might quibble that the commercials have become overly gimmicky and bloated in the past decade, but, as always, there are gems that stood out this year. Starting with Ben Affleck becoming Dunkin’ Donut‘s employee of the year.

From the advertising heavy hitters, like T-Mobile and Pepsi, to the more unlikely contenders (Ultra Club was smart enough to pony up a homage to Caddyshack with Serena Williams as Chevy Chase’s character), these are the best Super Bowl commercials of 2023.

M&M’s “They’re Back for Good”

The Farmer’s Dog’s “Forever”

GM and Netflix’s “Why Not an EV?”

PopCorners’ “Breaking Good”

Squarespace’s “The Singularity”

Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The Flash”

Michelob Ultra’s “New Members Day”

T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Neighbor”

Rakuten’s “Not-so-Clueless” and Uber One’s “One Hit for Uber One”

Pepsi’s “Great Acting or Great Taste?”

Tubi: Rabbit hole

Amazon: Saving Sawyer

Bush’s Beans: Go bigger

More Tubi: Faked you out

NFL: Run with it

Miller Lite/Coors Light: High Stakes Beer Ad

Jeep: Electric Boogie

Dunkin’: Drive-thru with Ben Affleck

Xfinity: The next giant leap

Crown Royal: Thank you, Canada

E-Trade: Baby goes to a wedding

DoorDash: We get groceries

Celebrity chef Matty Matheson joins Raekwon The Chef of rap group Wu-Tang Clan and animated Nickelodeon character Tiny Chef shop for the best and freshest groceries.

Squarespace: Adam Driver multiplies

Kia: Binky dad

Avocados from Mexico: Make it better

Peacock: Poker Face

Doritos: Jack Harlow

Pepsi Zero Sugar: Steve Martin and Ben Stiller

Turbo Tax

Google: Fixed on Pixel

Mr. Peanut: The roast

Skechers: Snoop Dogg

Dexcom: Feels like magic

Paramount Plus: Stallone faces off

GM x Netflix: Why not an EV?

DraftKings: Free bet

Pop Corners: Breaking Bad reunion

Downy Unstopables: Mystery celeb revealed

Hellmann’s: Who’s in the fridge? Somewhere, anywhere

Workday: Rock star

Michelob Ultra: Full Swing Gossip

Bud Light: Miles Teller dancing

Oikos yogurt: Deion Sanders and family

Budweiser: Six degrees of Bud

Busch Light: The Busch Guide

Sam Adams: A brighter Boston

Miller Lite and Coors Light: High-stakes beer ad

Heineken 0.0: Ant-Man and The Wasp

Pringles: Made you look

FanDuel: Kick of Destiny

By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the former Digital Editor at Men's Health Australia, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she has written for Women's Health, esquire, GQ and Vogue magazine.

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