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The best colognes for men, to freshen up your scent

Nothing like a damp summer to make a guy feel (and probably smell) a little ripe. Here are our favourite colognes to freshen up your scent.


If you like camping… go woodsy


Tom Ford Ébène Fumé ($365)


Sandalwood and cedar are cologne mainstays, but they can often leave you smelling like a smokehouse. Try Tom Ford Ébène Fumé ($365), a well-balanced scent that builds its base from palo santo – a lighter wood that brings a little smoke and a whole lot of mystery. SHOP NOW

Less woodsy: Gucci Guilty Parfum pour Homme ($175) SHOP NOW

More woodsy: Ermenegildo Zegna Javanese Patchouli ($305) SHOP NOW


If you like travelling… go spicy


Acqua di Parma Oud & Spice ($376)


Warm, spicy colognes are the olfactory equivalent of the open road – primed with potential. Acqua di Parma Oud & Spice ($376) is about as adventurous as it gets: deep, musky oud mixed with cinnamon and clove. SHOP NOW

Less spicy: Byredo Mumbai Noise ($345) SHOP NOW

Spicy and woodsy: Burberry Hero ($150) SHOP NOW


If you like gardening… go floral


Scotch Porter the Porter House ($70)


Scents from this style often layer lavender, narcissus and rose atop earthier wood and musk. Scotch Porter the Porter House ($70) mixes sweet vanilla orchid and violet leaf with fresh greens and warm spices. It’s like a cologne greatest-hits collection. SHOP NOW

More Earthy: Czech & Speake No. 88 Cologne Spray ($285) SHOP NOW

More floral: Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre EDP Spray ($275) SHOP NOW


If you like the beach… go aquatic


Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue ($145)


This category smells like salt water (in a good way). Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue ($145) is a great example: the cologne carries a subtle shoreline scent that lasts but never overpowers. It’s refreshing. SHOP NOW

Less beachy: Prada Luna Rossa Ocean ($108) SHOP NOW

More balanced: Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue ($143) SHOP NOW


If you like cocktails… go fresh


Versace Eros Parfum ($89)


In fragrance-speak, “fresh” means citrus, like bergamot and lemon, or herbs, like vetiver; both lend a light, natural vibe to cologne. Versace Eros Parfum ($89) is as refreshing as a mojito and contains blasts of sage and tart lemon. SHOP NOW

Less citrusy: Dior Homme Sport ($150) SHOP NOW

More herbal: Cartier Déclaration Haute Frachîeur ($150) SHOP NOW

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