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Celebrity Trainer Jono Castano Acero’s Top Tips For Crushing Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season

Get through silly season with confidence.

While Christmas is one of the most magical and fun times of the year, it can also be the most challenging for those who are trying to stay on track with their health and fitness. Losing focus is easy with Christmas shopping, family gatherings, eating and drinking – but why wait until the New Year to take up your fitness resolutions and become a better, more confident you? 

What’s more, the holiday season is usually the time when we get together with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while. This can sometimes be daunting, so it’s important to tackle any social situations that might make you nervous with confidence and feel good in yourself to make a positive impression. 

See below for my top tips on how to help your body confidence shine through the festive season and be ready to hit the ground running in the New Year.

1. Stay hydrated

An easy but important first step to looking and feeling better. Water has incredible benefits for your health and is one of the fundamental things that will help you make bigger changes and get your health and fitness in check through the holidays. At a minimum, 2-3 Litres a day will not only make you feel better but also look your best too. So, get drinking! It can also help stop cravings.

2. Get moving

One of the most important steps and one to get into your routine early – staying active. Getting your body moving is important for both your physical and mental health and will reap many benefits to your body confidence. Getting your #45daily is what I preach and live by, and we can all find 45 minutes a day to move. Whether this be a walk with a friend, an at-home YouTube workout or an intense HIIT session in the gym, make it a non-negotiable. The routine and consistency will keep you motivated to move your body daily and getting in your 45 will make you feel better inside and out, giving you the confidence to tackle the holidays!


3. Prioritise your mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and whole-body health is something I preach. Do things for yourself that make you feel better within yourself. Fixing teeth can really help to boost a person’s confidence a lot and tackle on bigger life challenges. I have seen this personally myself as well with a lot of clients I train. Research from SmileDirectClub shows that half of Aussies (51%) agree that that straightening their teeth would give them a confidence boost. Make sure you find thing that will change your confidence and prioritise it, because you need to make the changes yourself to be your most confident.

Whilst keeping the past few tips in mind, doing what makes you happy is also important. If you have at the forefront of your mind that feeling and looking your best is a priority to you, you will be happy taking the steps to stay motivated.

4. Keep an eye on your diet

One of the biggest ones – it’s time to focus on what you’re putting in your body. Diet is a very big part of looking and feeling your best. Over the holiday period there may be more social events where you will be tempted to overindulge and that’s okay – it’s about enjoying the process and feeling good about it. If you do know you’re going to be consuming extra calories at a certain event, try to keep the meals before or after lighter on the calories so you have more room to enjoy. It’s all about balance. So find a happy medium that lets you enjoy yourself without getting that dreaded food guilt. A conscious mind paired with daily exercise should keep you feeling your best. 

5. Don’t forget about R&R

Since you’ve been moving so much and getting at least 45 minutes of exercise in daily, rest and recovery is always going to have you feeling and looking your best. Take the time to make sure you relax and make the most of holiday down-time. As well, be sure to get in as much sleep as you can, is the one of the best ways to feel good which will help your body confidence.

6. Change your mindset

All or nothing mindsets can be toxic and are not ideal for keeping up with goals. Continuing with the #45daily exercise and healthy eating where you can, even if it’s not as consistent as you would like, is always better than nothing. The all or nothing mindset won’t have you feeling good, nor will it boost your confidence in the long run. Something is always better than nothing!

Jono Castano Acero is a Personal Trainer to the stars and a member of the SmileDirectClub Australian confidence council.

By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the former Digital Editor at Men's Health Australia, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she has written for Women's Health, esquire, GQ and Vogue magazine.

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