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Check out CrossFit legend Khan Porter’s Gym and Fridge

This week’s episode of ‘At Home with Men’s Health’ coming in hot. - by Christopher Riley

31-year-old Khan Porter has consistently been among the country’s top CrossFitters for the past several years. He’s competed at the Games, CrossFit’s equivalent of the World Cup, a whopping six times with his best result a 24th place finish in 2018. And so it makes sense that for a series diving deep into the home workout plans and diets of Australia’s fittest men, we had no choice but to enlist the OG himself.

For episode one, we went inside the home of Osher Günsberg, and now for episode 2, we join Khan Porter in his home away from homes, CrossFit Play, as he takes us through some workout fundamentals as well as offering a glimpse into his diet.

Anyone who has encountered Porter, either at a CrossFit event or on social media, will know that Porter has a hell of a lot more going for him than just being fit. For one, he’s a full time psychology student. He’s also a posterboy for modern masculinity, regularly taking the time to discuss anxiety and other mental health issues with refreshing vulnerability. In other words, he’s someone from whom we could all learn a thing or two.

In this episode, Porter starts by reflecting on some of his past Games performances, before walking us through his go to workouts when short of time. After some snatch work and a quick fire Q+A, it’s time to visit the fridge where Porter reveals he’s a fan of hot cross buns and… beer. Though, after the volume of training Porter hits, he’s more than earned his right to a cold one.

Check out the full episode via the link below:

By Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley is the editorial director of Men’s Health and Women’s Health, and the editor-in-chief of Esquire Australia. Formerly deputy editor of GQ, Riley published his first book in 2022, with Penguin Random House.

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