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Commando Steve’s 45 Minute Body Blast Will Add 9,000 Steps to Your Step Count

Perfect for STEPtember. - by Nikolina Ilic

Taking part as am ambassador for STEPtember this year, Commando Steve is encouraging us to move together for cerebral palsy. 

The initiative, which is Australia’s leading virtual health and wellness fundraising campaign, encourages people to take 10,000 steps per day their way throughout the month of September. As a virtual challenge you can step up whenever and wherever you like, at your own pace in your own way.

“There are lots of different activities you can convert into steps, so you can walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin your way to your daily target. Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout September, I will run a free one-hour online class for STEPtember participants at Midday. In just one class, participants can knock over their full step goal for the day!” he tell Men’s Health. “It’s all for a great cause – raising funds for early intervention and detection for babies at risk,  research, rural and regional services, telepractice services, technology and innovations for people living with cerebral palsy. This is a cause close to my heart – one of the first people I trained after leaving the army was an amazing young man who lives with cerebral palsy. His story and the challenges I watched him overcome have been a huge source of inspiration for me.”


To keep himself motivated, Steve makes sure he approaches each day with a positive mindset. 

“Life is constantly challenging us, my life much like yours sees many challenges coming our way that we would rather not face yet we must. Approaching each day with a mindset where you willingly accept and step into challenges will encourage you to be focused and disciplined. With practice you’ll figure out strategies that’ll result in being more committed and ultimately you’ll enjoy your life so much more,” he says. “Exercising is one of those challenges that we must willingly accept and with daily practice we see improvement through our ability to deal with what’s presented.” 

Here, he provides a home workout that will not only absolutely wreck you, but translates to 9,000 steps towards your daily 10,000 step goal, too. Sweet.


  • 5 x 3 minute rounds of ascending Commando ladder
  • In a 3 minute window complete 
  • 5 Push ups
  • 10 Sit-ups 
  • 15 Squats 
  • 1 Commando, then 2, 3 and so on
  • Rest 1 minute 
  • Pick up where you left off after the 1 minute rest
  • Commando = Lunge + Lunge + Burpee 
  • Rest 2 minutes, then…
  • Core blast 
  • Max sit-ups in 5 minutes 
  • 20 Russian twists EMOM starting at 0:00 

Need some more motivation? Here are three things the Commando swears by:


  • To making and moving with change and adopting behaviours that promote a healthier approach to life. 


  • ‘Win the day’ mentality 
  • Small wins, make the bed, morning workout, stretch, meditate 
  • Make it daily practice, consistency is key. Doing it even if you don’t feel like it. Make a habit of it. 


  • Whatever you choose to do, do it with intention, be focused, be aware of distractions and talking yourself out of things. 
  • In a workout, set a realistic achievable goal,
  • Non negotiables, maintain good form and technique 
  • Do things to the best of your ability in the now

In challenging times like these, it’s important that we keep active to prioritise our physical and mental health, so STEPtember is a great way to get motivated and join a community of people ready to move for a great cause. You can sign up or donate at

By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the former Digital Editor at Men's Health Australia, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she has written for Women's Health, esquire, GQ and Vogue magazine.

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