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Dress Like The GOAT With Tom Brady’s New Clothing Line, BRADY

The legendary QB has been hard at work on establishing his second act: an athletic brand that will have everyone dressing like a star athlete.

Regardless of whether you’re Team Brady or not, it’s fair to say that there is nothing the QB sets his mind to that he then doesn’t achieve. Be it on or off the field, Brady’s legacy is as much one about his dedication, tireless work ethic and ability to get the best out of those around him as it is one about immeasurable Super Bowl wins, of unprecedented victories, of a story about a man who was looked over and passed up in the NFL draft, only to go on to become the Greatest Of All Time. At 44, Brady is showing no signs of slowing down, but his time in the sport and as a professional athlete at the peak of fitness, has allowed him to cast his eyesight on another project close to his heart: building a clothing line. 

Intent on having something he’s passionate about to work on post-retirement (should that day ever come), Brady began working on his own apparel line which has since launched as BRADY brand. The first collection of menswear dropped to a frenzied fanbase that were eager to snap up the items. Given that Brady is married to Gisele Bundchen, arguably the most successful supermodel of her time, the man knows a thing or two about fashion and smart-dressing. At press conferences, Brady carries himself with a charismatic buoyancy that’s infectious, but it’s his clothes that also steal the show. His aesthetic is sophisticated, elegant, but still relaxed and cool. And that’s exactly what he brings to BRADY. 

The collection has the same aesthetic Brady has spent a career cultivating. Brady enlisted the services of Public School co-founder Dao-Yi Chow as designer, who calls the vibe “active lifestyle with a tailored sensibility.” 

In an interview with GQ US, Chow explained: “It was super important when we first started developing the brand that it was fabric-led and textile-led, and making sure we were looking at innovations that really enhance performance. But more than that, it was coming at it with a particular point of view. My background has been mostly fashion-based, and that combination of bringing in a really strong idea for this really strong sleek silhouette, a distinct point of view and fit, married with this idea of innovation and performance. That’s really our point of difference.” 

The first drop offers two categories: TRAIN and LIVE. The latter is filled with items for everyday living; think bomber jackets, vests, structured pants and sweaters. They might have comfort at their core but these are looks that are stylish enough for the office and wearing out. Meanwhile, TRAIN is packed with breathable tees, mesh shorts, sweats, socks and running tanks that will see you go the distance. 

As Brady told the publication, “I really wanted to do a full, lifestyle brand. In my life, it’s football in the morning, and I train. But then I’m home and I do family things: I go play basketball with my kids outside; go for a walk; then you’re chilling out at dinner. I wanted to have enough where you could go between different parts of the collection and put things on and they’d feel really comfortable, look good, fit good, and they would fit for whatever occasion you’re heading off to.”

Even though performance is a top priority for Brady and the designers, function never outshines style here. The whole point is to have you look good and feeling good, something Brady achieves with apparent ease. “Even though they have a ton of innovation and performance, we are very cognisant of making sure that [the clothes] have a natural touch – an actual, rich touch. So you really try to combine [the technical and the natural] where you’re not picking up an item and feeling, ‘Oh, this is purely synthetic,” explains Chow. 

When the collection first dropped, the Internet crashed. Now back up and running, it seems clear that the items won’t last long but as Brady suggests, the line is only going to improve and get better from here. To shop the first collection, visit the official website here. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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