This New Compact eBike Makes Commuting A Breeze

This new compact eBike makes commuting a breeze

EBCO’s Street 2U eBike is now available in Australia and getting around town has never been easier

IS IT JUST US, or has there never been a better time to get an eBike? Petrol prices seem to be constantly trending upwards, public transport delays and cancellations have become routine, and the thought of another morning spent stuck in traffic is enough to induce a migraine. But unless you want to do the hard work yourself on a bike, or pay by the kilometre on a rental app, the alternatives aren’t much better. That was, until EBCO launched the Street 2U eBike in Australia.

EBCO is aiming to redefine urban commuting with the innovative Street 2U eBike. The Street 2U was designed from the ground up, with the aim of maximising utility in city environments. That means prioritising compactness, lightweight materials and ease of use, making it ideal for those daily trips that are usually a slog.

The Street 2U is a masterclass in manoeuvrability and portability. Its agile and compact design allows riders to navigate busy streets, climb steps, and tuck into tight spaces with no problems. This level of practicality makes it ideal for eBike first-timers, or more experienced riders looking for the most efficient means of traversing their city.

EBCO Street 2U

Powering the Street 2U is the Bafang H400 rear-drive motor, offering five levels of power assist. This, paired with a slimline, frame-integrated battery, ensures a smooth yet powerful ride that’s energy efficient. The eBike is also equipped with all-weather commuting gear and boasts off-road capability, thanks to its thick 20×2.4-inch tyres.

Those are some impressive specs, but while EBCO bikes are industry leaders in performance, that’s not their only appealing quality. Sustainability is one of the biggest reasons to invest in an eBike, as they’re not just a means of getting from a to b, they can also help you make a smaller dent in our planet, by saving on emissions – and suitably, the Street 2U comes in green.

Usually, an EBCO Street 2U would set you back $2399, but Swiss E-Mobility eBikes is offering them for just $1899. That’s an awful lot of top-quality Shimano and Bafang equipment for a sub $2,000 price point. Our advice? Make the leap now and say goodbye to the commute being the worst part of your day.

For more information, visit and discover how the Street 2U can transform your daily commute.

EBCO Street 2U


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