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How To Recreate 5 Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles From The Past Decade

With tips from a celebrity stylist.

When a celebrity debuts a new hairstyle, it’s either met with applause or apprehension—and rarely anything in-between.

From the celebrated to the ridiculed, brace yourself as we round up some of the most iconic celebrity hair moments over the past decade, with the help of Aussie celeb hair stylist & Oz Hair & Beauty Ambassador, Natalie Anne.

The Man Bun 

Men’s grooming has come a long way over the last decade but the man bun has stayed consistent in the hearts of many – especially as men are caring for their skin and hair more than ever! If you’re growing your hair, scalp health & hair hydration are key to long locks. I find men with longer hair can often overdo it on the product, so I always recommend using a detoxing shampoo to ensure they are removing all the product buildup from their scalp & hair regularly.

By way of styling, if you’re inspired by Jason Momoa, brush the hair gently back with not too much tension- he wears it high in a loose man bun. On the other side – Jared Leto wears it low and tight with a ponytail not pulled all the way through. Have a play with either style to see which suits your face shape more! Products will depend on your hair type. For example, the, KMS Curl Up Control Creme 150ml (RRP $32.95) is perfect to keep your natural hair texture like Jason, but slick it right back with your Nak Amped Up Styling Gel 150ml (RRP $29.95) for a manicured Jared man bun.

The Buzz Cut 

From a styling perspective, the buzz cut is the most timeless and easily maintained look of them all – especially if it’s as short as Channing Tatums!

If your hair is like Adam Levine’s and on the slightly longer side, I recommend brushing the hair forward and applying a matte finishing paste to lock everything into place. You can also use Natalie Anne’s Texturising Powder 24 Hr Memory Formula (RRP $39.95) to add some structure. The key to the perfect buzz cut is regular hair cuts and cleaning your hair every 2-4 weeks.

The Short Back & Sides 

From Ryan Reynolds to David Beckham – the short back and sides is by far one of the most popular cuts and it’s certainly stood the test of time throughout the decade! When it comes to styling, the messier, the better – blast dry in the direction you want your hair to sit and apply a clay pomade to lock it in place. 

I always encourage guys to stay away from a wet finish with this style and embrace their natural texture. I think changing the finish from wet to dry is key to keeping this look fresh and modern. If you have curly or wavy hair,  try to rock your natural texture – it’s trending! 

The Faux-Hawk

This one isn’t as common as other styles that have stayed tried and true throughout the decade. There is a lot to consider when trying to pull off the faux hawk and I would suggest opting for slightly longer, windswept locks – like Zayn. I think a 50’s inspired rockabilly shape would be a cool and unique way to bring this cut into 2022.

To style, try blow drying Nak’s Amped Up Styling Gel 150ml (RRP $29.95) into the hair for shape. Control is key to getting this look so hairspray is a must before walking out the door!

The Mullet

Mullets are all the rage and I’m kind of here for it! There are distinctly different styles of mullets – Morgan Wallen’s mullet is way more effortless and grown out, compared to the pretty boy look achieved by Jacob Elordi. The devil is in the detail to achieving the perfect mullet and to get this look right, use a styling product for curly hair such as the  KMS Curl Up Control Creme 150ml (RRP $32.95) and apply the cream to wet hair. Ideally, I would leave the hair to dry and refresh it the next day using Evo’s Salty Dog Salt Spray 200ml (RRP $40.00).

Beware with this look – it can look tacky very easily and I think when the sides are too disconnected or taken too short they can look forced. When there is too much product in the hair, you also run the risk of it looking greasy and tacky.

By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the former Digital Editor at Men's Health Australia, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she has written for Women's Health, esquire, GQ and Vogue magazine.

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