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Men’s Health Transformation Coach Jono Castano Takes us Inside His Home Gym and Fridge

The celebrity trainer gives us the lowdown on his training secrets. - by Christopher Riley

Our ‘At Home with Men’s Health’ video series was designed to give you an insight into the habits behind some of Australia’s fittest men. We took you inside Osher Günsberg’s home gym and fridge where, among other things, he explained the power of the humble date as a pre-workout snack; then we went for a tour of CrossFit Play with Khan Porter who told us his secrets for achieving a quick and efficient workout if you’re short of time. For the third episode, we’re joined by Australia’s trainer himself Jono Castano.

One of the best personal trainers in the country, Castano has invested his knowledge and experience into founding Acero, a luxe gym in Sydney’s Kensington specialising in private and personal training. He’s also Men’s Health’s transformation coach, which means he is the mastermind behind the incredible transformation of the likes of Hugh Sheridan and, recently, Joel Creasey. In episode 3 of ‘At Home with Men’s Health’, Castano first gives us a tour of his fridge where he demonstrates his morning routine before explaining why hummus is a must have in the Castano fridge at all times. Afterwards, we join Castano in his home gym as he walks us through some of his most impressive transformations and the exercises he swears by.

Castano is one of those people who lives and breathes health and fitness. His energy is infectious but more importantly, he has the knowledge to back it up. Hit the link below to see for yourself.

By Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley is the editorial director of Men’s Health and Women’s Health, and the editor-in-chief of Esquire Australia. Formerly deputy editor of GQ, Riley published his first book in 2022, with Penguin Random House.

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