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Scotty James Is The Perfect Embodiment of The Power of Saying Yes

The Optus ambassador is king of the half pipe, and he owes it to his relentless commitment and optimism.

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If anyone in the Men’s Health office was asked who one of the most buzz-worthy Australian athletes of the moment was, we couldn’t go too far past Australian snowboarder and four-time Olympian Scotty James. Recently taking home silver in an epic men’s halfpipe final at the 2022 Bejing Winter Olympics, the momentum isn’t dying down any time soon for the 27-year-old who has not only understood how to conquer the physical element of the sport – but the mental, too.

“Competitive snowboarding is all about stopping the mental chatter, trusting in the discipline thats brought you to this moment and being fully present to trust your mind and body to work as one,” he explained in a recent interview. “Being in the Olympic games to represent Australia wearing the green and gold; there is that little bit more pride and patriotism, that makes it that touch bit more special and its a very cool experience for sure.”

Since he was young, James has chased winter in pursuit of his love of snowboarding. So much so that a four-year plan is nothing out of the ordinary for the athlete, who now bases himself in Monaco to access the training grounds of Switzerland.

“We plan out 4 years in advance, and I am very OCD with that planning. I have in my mind my intentions, my tricks, competition runs I would love to bring to fruition. I want to do this for a long time because I love it and am passionate about it and there are a lot of elements of hopefully snatching up the gold. Its the last cherry on top and its a priority for me and I will do everything I can to make it happen,” adds James.

It makes sense, then, that the East Melbourne-local works so closely with Australian leader in telecommunications, Optus, who themselves have been supporting great athletes like Scotty achieve what they love by saying yes – no matter your situation, age, job, or commitments. If you want it, you can get it by looking at life with optimism – and that’s something that Scotty James is the perfect embodiment of.

Ive got the bronze, Ive got the silver – now I need to finish off my collection for the pool room with gold in Italy,” he adds. And that, we’re sure he will.

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