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The Results Are In: Study Confirms Women Prefer Men With Beards

We can finally put the debate to bed: new findings suggest that women find men not only attractive but also dominant, both socially and physically. 

The research, conducted by The University of Queensland, found that the more facial hair men have, the more attractive they’re rated, especially with other masculine features. 

Recruiting 919 American women aged between 18 and 70, scientists asked participants to rate photographs of men with different levels of facial hair. Volunteers viewed 30 images – the men in the pictures had been photographed with and without a beard as well as photoshopped to appear either more masculine of feminine. 

The women who took part in the study then rated the men, both as a potential short-term and long-term partner. 

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Results saw men with more facial hair rated higher while bearded men with a more masculine appearance scored highest, especially for a long-term relationship. 

The team of scientists suggest an element of morality is involved as well. 

“Women’s preferences for beardedness also increased with women’s self-reported moral disgust, which may also reflect associations between beardedness and political conservatism and traditional views regarding masculinity in heterosexual relationships,” the authors wrote.

However, not all women preferred beards. Those that gave chin rugs the thumbs down cited hygiene, potentially parasites in facial hair. 

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Interestingly, researchers also found a link between single women with “greater reproductive ambition” and clean shaven men.  

Sure, personality has to play a part in appeal to the opposite sex but these findings suggest that women are judging certain character traits and attraction purely off facial hair. 

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