The Best Low Alcohol Beers For Dry July

The best low alcohol beers ahead of Dry July

As we head into Dry July, let's raise a toast with a bunch of brews that bring a tonne of flavour without the hangover

ENJOYING A BEER is a standard pastime for many Aussie blokes. But the brews we’re sipping have been changing in recent years. Gone are the days when your only options were high-proof brews that left you feeling sluggish the next day. Now, nestled among the IPAs and lagers, you’ll find a range of tasty non-alcoholic beers. 

As we head into a Dry July, a time that for an increasing number of us will mean swapping beer goggles for clear eyes and hangovers for hydration, it’s time to take a look at the range of non-alcoholic brews on the market. Cheers to that!

Why Dry July is about more than being sober 

Dry July in Australia is like hitting pause on the booze button for a whole month while doing some good for others. It kicked off back in 2008 and has become an increasingly big deal across the country in the years since. The premise is that you say “nope” to alcohol for the month of July to raise money for cancer support groups. It’s not just about staying sober; it’s about having each other’s backs, cheering on friends through the tough moments, and feeling proud of every sober day ticked off the calendar. Plus, it’s a chance to rethink your drinking habits and perhaps find healthier ways to unwind. 

Why should you give non-alcoholic beers a crack?

It probably goes without saying, but non-alcoholic beers are better for you. If you need more convincing to make the switch every now and then, consider the fact that contrary to popular belief, zero-hero beers offer a flavourful alternative to traditional tinnies. Crafted with care, non-alcoholic options rival their alcoholic counterparts in taste while offering numerous health benefits.

The landscape of non-alcoholic beers is diverse and enticing. With fewer calories, hydration benefits, and the absence of hangovers, these brews are a boon for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. They’re not just about abstaining; they’re about savouring the moment without compromise. So, whether you’re cutting back on drinking or simply curious, non-alcoholic beer provides a refreshing and inclusive option for socialising, relaxation, and overall wellbeing. Here’s our pick of the best zero-proof beers on the market.

Heineken 0.0 

We’re kicking off the list with a beer company that has lead the way in non alcoholic brewing. Heineken’s non-alcoholic offering, Heineken 0.0, is the result of years of meticulous craftsmanship by their master brewers. Through relentless exploration, brewing, and tasting, they perfected a recipe boasting refreshing fruity hints and a smooth malty body, impeccably balanced. True to Heineken’s legacy since 1873, it maintains the brand’s uncompromising standards, crafted with top-quality ingredients and their unique A-Yeast. This zero-alcohol option showcases Heineken’s commitment to excellence, proving that creating a non-alcoholic beer with the same signature quality and flavour profile as its alcoholic counterparts is indeed achievable with dedication and expertise.

Alcohol Content: 0.01%


Great Northern Zero

Great Northern Zero, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of its iconic beer, boasts the same look and taste as its alcoholic counterpart but without the alcohol. With balanced sweetness and subtle bitterness, it delivers a clean, crisp finish ideal for warm summer days. As the biggest-selling beer brand in Australia, Great Northern Zero maintains its reputation for easy-drinking full flavour, offering a refreshing alternative for those seeking a non-alcoholic option without compromising on taste or quality.

Alcohol Content: 0.01%


4 Pines Brewing Ultra low

4 Pines Brewing introduces another great Ultra Low Alcohol malt beverage for Aussie fellas, offering refreshment without the buzz. Dominated by fruity hop notes, accented with herb and citrus undertones, it presents a subtle clean malt character and balanced bitterness to invigorate the palate. With an ABV of less than 0.5%, it delivers a tart finish that tantalises, leaving you craving another sip. This brew is the perfect choice for those seeking a flavourful, satisfying drink experience without the alcohol content, proving that great taste doesn’t have to come with a high ABV.

Alcohol Content: 0.40%


Heaps Normal Quiet XPA 

Heaps Normal’s Non-Alcoholic Quiet XPA offers the full-flavoured experience of an XPA without the drawbacks, ensuring everyday legends can enjoy memorable moments without compromise. These guys have a full-bodied approach to their product, with quirky marketing and groovy-looking designs. This beer boasts a tropical and citrus aroma, dancing with the senses, culminating in an unmistakably beery finish. Unfiltered for authenticity, it strikes a balance between bitterness and subtle malt sweetness, evoking nostalgia for traditional brews. Crafted for those who appreciate flavour without alcohol, it’s the perfect choice for dialling up the good times. 

Alcohol Content: 0.50%


Alc-Less Pacific Ale

Another low alcoholic beer on this list that takes a groovy and stylish approach. Capital Brewing’s ALC-LESS Pacific Ale is a non-alcoholic delight, delivering full flavour without alcohol-induced mischief. Crafted by Canberra’s own independent brewery, it’s a tropical paradise in a bottle, boasting citrus aromas and grassy notes. With just 15 calories and 3.5 carbs per 100ml, it gets a big green tick from us here at Men’s Health. ALC-LESS proves that you don’t need the devil to dance to enjoy a great brew; this zero hero is ready to get down with your taste buds. 

Alcohol Content: 0.50% 




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