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The Best Men’s Watches To Invest in For 2023 

Our 2023 watch report has arrived.

Why should you invest in a statement watch? Well, if you pick the right one it may well prove to be the most timeless purchase you ever make. A signature timepiece can elevate any outfit while affirming your identity – adventurous or ambitious, sporty, discerning, bold or edgy. 

In this special annual watch report, we provide an elegant showcase of some of the most prestigious and premium timepieces on the market. Look carefully and choose wisely, because who knows? One of the watches featured here could help define who you are now and for years to come

01. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph

We use to look at the sun to tell the time. Now we use it to power our watches… and tell the time. The Solargraph makes battery changes a remnant of an ancient, primitive civilisation, instead recharging with the sun or artificial light. The unique TH50-00 movement needs only two minutes in full sunlight to run all day. Efficient, elegant, timeless. $4450; 

02. Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton

You know when you go to a high-end restaurant and you can see the chefs hard at work? That’s what a skeleton structure offers in a watch and few do it better than Zenith’s new Defy Skyline Skeleton. Featuring a 41-mm steel octagonal case with a faceted bezel and a blue open dial, the El Primero 3620 SK high-frequency automatic movement houses the very first 1/10th of a second indicator. Make no bones about it, this is a watch you want in your collection. $15,100; 

03.Tudor Pelagos 39

The embodiment of a proud tradition of aquatic heritage, the Pelagos 39 features grade 2 titanium, luminescent ceramic composite monobloc hour markers, a rapid adjustment system for the clasp and a diver’s extension. A sleek 39-millimetre case and sunray satin finishes on the bezel and dial make this a sports watch that pops on the street and shines on the shore. $6010; 

04. Bulova Special Edition Lunar Pilot 96B251

Originally manufactured as a prototype, the Lunar Pilot found its way to the moon when Bulova engineers wanted to design a chronograph watch that could withstand the moon’s hostile environment. That’s obviously great for dinner-party patter, but what about its more earthly charms? Updated with a sapphire crystal, date window and high-performance quartz technology with a vibrational frequency of 262 Khz, this is the watch you want whether you’re reaching for the moon, the stars or more simple, terrestrial goals. $999;

05. Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Gold, 42mm

Statement watch? The Big Bang Unico is the ultimate in high-end wrist candy,  featuring a 42-mm case entirely in yellow gold with a rubber strap and Unico movement. A three-day power reserve will give you peace of mind, while an exterior that fuses yellow gold, deep black, skeleton work, performance and power will blow it. $55,600;   

06. Rolex Submariner Date

We could use 60-odd words to tell you that the latest generation of this dive watch stays true to its 1953 original. We could point  out its royal-blue dial, for legibility under water. Highlight the brand’s proprietary gold and steel mix. Or mention the bracelet, designed to fit over a wetsuit as well as look awesome. Or we could just sell it in four: it’s a Rolex Submariner. $22,050; 

07. Bell & Ross BR 05 Skeleton Green

Rubber-stamping the trend for green watches, Bell & Ross’s BR 05 Skeleton has been cast in a dusty shade of olive. A hardy 40-mm case (with a 10.33mm thickness), screw-down crown and crown-guard betray the BR 05’s toughness. But as the openwork face attests, it has elegance and artistry within. Limited to just 500 pieces. $9900; 

08. Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional Powermatic 80

Tissot’s tough. So, when the Swiss marque makes a watch that’s built for deep blue seas and hard grey mountains, you know it’ll actually survive such climes. True to form, the Seastar 2000 is no show pony. This tool watch is made from reinforced stainless steel, and even the balance spring inside is coated with a titanium-based alloy to ensure ultimate precision. $1675; 

09. Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400

Oris joins the colour party with its ProPilot X, now available in fetching salmon-y red and coral-y blue dials, as well as grey. The case is sandblasted and satinised titanium; the design simple and elegant. The Calibre 400 part refers to Oris’s newest, most accurate movement, one already rolled out across three other lines. Great value for money, Oris goes from strength to strength. $5800; 

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