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The Best New Sneakers Guaranteed To Have You Stepping Into Summer With Style

From eco-conscious brands to those fusing functionality with style, our pick of the best new sneakers will ensure you command attention when stepping out.

Fashion trends arise quicker than a TikTok trend and, for most of them, they depart quicker than it takes for you to master the viral dance moves. But if there’s one trend that has defied the laws of fashion, with a staying power that has captivated people all over the world, it’s sneakers. Where it used to be the case that you wouldn’t dare wear sneakers with jeans, now it’s something of a sartorial style to master. Jerry Seinfeld may have brought them to our attention way back in the ‘90s, but it’s street style stars and the fashionably literate that have brought sneakers into a modern way of savvy dressing. 

This is all to say: we love sneakers, and my god we’ve missed them. In lockdown, most of us can safely say that our feet haven’t seen too much glory when it comes to the shoes we shove them into. Slippers so old the sole is practically non-existent has been the trend du jour for Covid-19-enforced lockdown, and as a result we’ve been pining for the days we can once again return to the outside world showing off some immaculate dress sense. 

Thankfully, the sneaker world hasn’t gone on hiatus when it comes to new designs that will be sure to turn heads. Sneaker brands and sportswear labels alike are dropping new iterations, colour ways and fresh takes on classic silhouettes that have us gearing up for the chance to step out of our stained track pants and out into public. If you’re looking to inject some style into your wardrobe post-lockdown, look no further than these kicks. From eco-conscious brands to sportswear labels and sustainable styles, these kicks will be sure to see you step into summer with style. 

Nike Glide FlyEase Premium, $170

With a laceless design, this sneaker allows you to step in and go. Featuring a soft, springy cushioning and a fit that’s snug and plush all-round. It’s ideal for athletes who need a sneaker that’s quick, easy and comfortable to wear. 


PUMA x Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wild Rider, $100

Got kids? Get them this sneaker. A collaboration courtesy of Puma and Nintendo bring to life a collection inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, seen by the pattern screen printed on the sneaker’s upper. 


BLAC Sneaker Co, The Original $119

This vegan friendly sneaker is ethically made with an upper constructed from Hemp and BCI Cotton. The sole is made from market leading technology and high quality foam, resulting in a shoe that’s not just comfortable, but will last too. 

BLAC Sneaker Co

ECCO St. 1, $259.95

This sneaker is designed from a mix of full-grain and yabuck leathers, offering a street-style, wavy design that comes with distinctive embossing on the inner panels. Featuring innovative SHOCK THRU point for shock absorption, the result is a sneaker that’s incredibly comfortable and supportive. 


New balance MADE 990v1 Grey, $380

As part of the Made 990 Series, New Balance celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic silhouettes with the relaunch of the 990v1. The shoe features a ruby red tag and hits on the tongue. There’s also an image of the clocktower at the New Balance Factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts on the sole, insert and duster bag. 

New Balance

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