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The Skincare Must-Haves Every Bloke Needs

To save you from the clutter of products that do little but pinch your wallet, we’ve assembled a kick-starter skincare routine to take you from scrub to finish.

It was the adage old as time, moisturise day and night and you’ll be right! However, skincare for blokes is becoming lucrative business for beauty companies around the world. In fact, the men’s skincare industry is tipped to explode, topping a global worth of $18.92 billion by 2027. 

Our passion for our pores comes as we realise that health is more universal than a six pack and the whitest teeth. Research shows that blokes want products that are unique to them, with only 8 per cent of men using their partner’s face wash, moisturiser or scrub. The team from the local arm of Bulldog Skincare argue that bloke’s skincare is booming as society becomes more comfortable with guys shopping for beauty products. 

“This trend is especially pertinent in younger men who are putting more time and effort into looking good,” says Di Timlin, Senior Marketing Manager Bulldog Skincare. “While this macro trend has been growing in the past few years, COVID and related lockdowns really accelerated uptake of men’s grooming products, due to an increased focus on self-care under lockdown. Almost two thirds of Australian men use core face products, including face wash, moisturiser and face scrub.”

While blokes may be looking for more than the humble two-in-one blob of off-the-shelf product to satisfy our skin, many of us are finding it hard to navigate an ever-evolving market. We want the cleanest and most efficient products available from a convenient location. With new products lining the shelves faster than you can take a sustainable shower, we have assembled a kick-starter skincare routine from scrub to finish. 

The Whole Skin Shibang (The Full Skin Scrub - Mr Smith)

Mr. Smith

The Budget Friendly Face Scrub (Original Face Scrub - Bulldog Skincare)

This face scrub is the reminder we all need that looking after your skin doesn’t have to burst the bank. The Original Face Scrub is a dulcet blend of aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil.  Built to combat the aftereffects of shaving and looming facial hairs, the oat kernels in the Original Face Scrub exfoliate dead and dried skin. While it is recommended to use this scrub once to twice a week, the soothing cream-like texture means I have become accustomed to its moisturising effect daily.  

Bulldog Skincare

The Blokey Face Wash (Daily Face Wash - The Aussie Man)

The Aussie Man

The Shower Free Cleanser (Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser – Aesop) Clue

For those looking to boost their skin care game without having to take a shower, look no further than Aesop’s speedy and effective cleansers. Applied dry, this Licorice Root cleanser sticks straight to the skin and removes the grime that lingers in pores as a result of urban living. It comes with a bit of a bite, but you can almost feel the lactic acid taking the harshness of the day away. This is a perfect end of day cleanser.  


The Vitamin C Kick– (Vitamin C Serum - Bondi Skin Co)

Straight from the sands of the most famous beach in Australia, the team at Bondi Skin Co have found a compelling niche in the booming serum game. While the guys have three products on offer, I have fallen in love with Serum One. We are often told that our skin needs a Vitamin C boost, and this serum aims to tone redness and remove those pesky under-eye circles for all skin types.  

Bondi Skin Co.

The Must Have – (Face Hero - Bro-To Skincare)

Zoe Foster-Blake can do no wrong. If all my skin care products were to be taken, I would beg be left with Bro-To’s Face Oil. Applied in a routine or as a standalone, nothing will leave your skin feeling healthier and plusher than this oil. Part moisturiser, part serum, this face oil is a one stop shop no matter your skin type. It’s a treat to apply the oil made up of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil and apricot kernel oil morning and night. 

Bro-To Skincare

The Sunscreen with a Difference (Sheer Defence Moisturiser – Invisible Zinc)

Thank the lord, summer is on the way! Gear up for the warmer months with a revitalising and lightweight moisturiser that provides your skin with the protection it needs from our country’s harmful UVs. Invisible Zinc’s high protection mineral moisturiser is light in application and fights off signs of ageing with a golden tint. Made for the summer, this moisturiser is water resistant for two hours.  

Invisible Zinc

The Eye & Lip Booster– (i-zone Eye & Lip Reviver – Vitaman)

In between constant screen time and witnessing the 2021 dumpster fire, our eyes deal with a lot. There is nothing more signatory of tiredness than droopy eyes! Vitaman’s eye and lip reviver does some of the heavy lifting, mitigating the impacts of the 21st Century grind. Thick in texture, the gel is easily applied to eyes with a gorgeous citrus fragrance.  


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