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The Training Secrets Behind Justin Medeiros’ 2022 CrossFit Games Prep

After snagging the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” in 2021, Justin Medeiros is leaving nothing to chance come this year’s CrossFit Games. Here, he gives his fans a glimpse into how he’s training for the big event in the hope of defining his title.

It takes a lot to be crowned the Fittest Man on Earth. For anyone that’s stepped foot into a CrossFit gym, you’ll be aware of the gruelling challenges one has to face in any given workout; challenges that not only test your endurance, stamina, and physical strength, but your mental toughness too. For those who have made a name for themselves in the sporting world of CrossFit, theirs is a life that revolves around training. For these athletes, there are no days off. 

Such is the case for 2021 CrossFit Games champion, Justin Medeiros who now finds himself training hard in the hopes of defending his title a the fittest man in the sport for a second year in a row. Knowing just how much it takes to find yourself sitting atop that podium, Medeiros is giving his all in the final days leading up to the competition so that he can go in knowing with all confidence that he can win it once again. 

With the CrossFit Games just days away, Medeiros has given fans a glimpse into his gruelling training routine and the hard efforts involved to stay in impeccable shape. Much like Tia-Clair Toomey who previously took fans through her staggering 13-hour training session, Medeiros’ daily routine is one that revolves around his CrossFit Games preparation. Because as any athlete knows, it’s not just a matter of putting in the work, but ensuring you’re doing everything you can for those marginal gains and a leg up on competition too: spending time recovering, sleeping well, fuelling your body properly, and ensuring your mind is relaxed and focused. 

Medeiros’ training starts out with running drills where the focus lies on speed and agility. After this, he then goes into field work by alternating between 15-second sled pushes and 5-metre handstand walks. The session ends with Medeiros achieving a personal best of 30 yards on the handstand walk, which is no easy feat – even just watching it is to see the strained effort of the person holding such a position. 

Back at the gym, Medeiros continues with his training session by engaging in more standard CrossFit training. This takes the shape of a 40-minute EMOM (every minute, on the minute) workout, including 15 cals on the Echo bike, 5 d-ball cleans, and 17 cals on the rowing machine. He then tests his full-body control and stability with an obstacle course in an American Ninja Warrior-style gym. 

Speaking about his approach to training and competition, Medeiros clearly continues to have the relentless drive of the underdog, even if he is the reigning champion and the contender crowned “Fittest Man on Earth” from the 2021 CrossFit Games. “I love when people underestimate me,” he says. “I think that’s the best thing ever, man. Obviously I know what I’m capable of, and people can think what they want…I’m excited for this year…I know I’m fitter than I was last year, and if you thought I was hard to beat last year, it’s gonna be a whole ‘mother thing this year.”

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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