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Why This Game-Changing Trainer Makes Running Effortless – At Any Level

Amp up your speed with ease in these high-tech PUMAS.

If you run for pleasure or you run for purpose, PUMA’s new Nitro trainers offer 

performance-based designs for every style of runner, all with the high-end comfort, strength and stability you need on every life-changing run.

So it’s easy for everyday runners to pick up the pace and clock up the miles in one of these dynamic trainers that are big on maximising efficiency while minimising effort. Expect a plush, natural-feeling ride – in any weather, over all-terrain, at any time of day or night. 

After years of research and testing, each shoe is built around strategic key features, improving your performance at any level and for every type of run – be it long, short, quick or steady. 

With an exceptionally unique design and featuring super shoe technologies, PUMA’s Nitro series leans hard into innovation. The icon of the running world delivers significant results, thanks to advanced, high-tech engineering on both its NITRO-foam midsole and PUMAgrip outsole. It strikes the near-perfect balance between high cushioning and speed for both urban green spaces or off-road tracks, making running effortless again. 

Highly cushioned yet remarkably lightweight, this collection has a soft yet ultra-stable underfoot, giving you exceptional push off with a bouncy, soft landing on each and every step. Its flexible plate drives you forward during toe-off while improving and boosting energy return every single time. 

What makes the NITRO collection so unique:

  1. The NITRO-foam midsole: This gives the collection its unique featherlight feel and soft, highly-cushioned responsive ride. Expect bounce on every step, minimising obstacles and maximising efficiency. It supports your arch while creating stylised stability to boost speed.
  2. The PUMAgrip outsole: Strategically designed to cover the forefoot and heel with a rubber compound, resulting in zero slips in the rain as well as all-surface traction. It’ll handle any track challenge you throw at it.
  3. An innovative INNOPLATE: A front carbon fibre composite plate – sandwiched between the two layers of foam – gives you supreme propulsion, turning your foot into a lever for dynamic energy transfer at toe-off, driving you forward.
  4. A breathable MESH upper. Purpose-built for year-round runs, it holds your foot comfortably snug while a minimally padded and gusseted, sleek-looking tongue keeps it in place for a perfect ergonomic fit.
  5. REAR heel reflective strip: Keeps you safer in low light areas.

Check out a PUMA Nitro trainer to suit your running style here.

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